Milford On Sea

AGM June 2017

The formal part of the AGM is quite brief, as all the reports are issued in advance in the special AGM issue of the May / June Newsletter. There will of course be time for questions. We will also be electing our Committee and Officers for the year ahead. There are a maximum of 12 places on the Committee. Please check with anyone you nominate that they are willing to stand. You will need to ask another member if they are willing to second your nominations. You are also entitled to put a motion to the AGM if you so wish. There is a space for this at the end of the form.

There will be vacancies on the committee this year. Nomination forms etc. can be found on page 5 of the ‘e-mail’ version of the newsletter (which can be printed off), and for those without e-mail a hard copy is included with it. Please contact any of the committee for a chat if you want more information.

AGM Agenda- please click link on right hand side of this page

At the A.G.M. our creative Art and Craft groups will be holding an exhibition of their work. This will be held on the stage and around the main hall in the Community Centre. So, why not spend a few minutes before and/or after the formalities have been completed by strolling around looking at the masterpieces they have produced !!