Milford On Sea

How is your membership fee spent?

How is your annual membership fee spent?

We pay the Third Age Trust £3.50 for each member to support the National Office. The Trust provides us with insurance and gives us access to learning resources. We also pay the Third Age Trust around £2 per member for the national newsletter, which is delivered directly to members.

A further £3 per member goes towards hall hire for the monthly meetings and about £4 per member goes towards expenses paid to speakers at the monthly meetings.

About £1.50 is budgeted to cover costs of supporting study groups, and another £1.50 has been allocated towards producing a regular newsletter.

We also have to allocate some of the fee toward meeting expenses such as postage, photocopying, travel to network meetings and other similar expenses incurred by members in helping to run the Milford on Sea U3A.

The balance of the membership fee goes towards building up a modest surplus of funds that we could call on if we faced unforeseen circumstances, such as a drop in membership or higher costs. It should also help to prevent our membership fee from rising for at least 2-3 years.

We believe that a membership fee of £20 is good value for members, as that is less than £2 a month to attend a monthly meeting with a guest speaker and join as many study groups as you wish. Unlike some other U3As we do not charge for members to attend the monthly meetings.