General meetings with a guest speaker are held in the Methodist Church Hall, North Street, Midhurst starting at 2.30pm. Admission is £2 for members and £3 for visitors, including tea and biscuits. Please arrive before 2.15pm if you would like to have tea and biscuits.

Architecture Group Bomber Command Memorial Chelsea Hospital Bernese Oberland

Study days and workshops are also organised by the Sussex U3A Network (SUN). Have a look at the SUN Study Day Programme 2016-17. Click on SUN study days to find out further details (when they become available) and to download registration forms. Details and application forms are also available at our general meetings.

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Visit to Charleston Visit to Charleston Visit to Charleston


Where a member has booked and paid for a trip or other event (either a deposit or the full amount) and later cancels for any reason, he/she should immediately inform the trip organisers and return the ticket(s) to them as soon as possible.

A refund will be made of all costs recovered by the U3A in two circumstances:-

1. If their place(s) can be re-sold or
2. An amount of money is refunded by the venue/travel company involved.

In other cases a refund will only be made in exceptional circumstances (such as medical emergencies), at the discretion of the Committee

N.B. Please read the Event Ticket & Insurance Information sheet as this sets the terms and conditions which apply to Midhurst U3A Event Tickets as well as details about the U3A Insurance in terms of what is covered (Public Liability & Product Liability) and what is not covered (Personal Accident, Travel, Cancellation and Personal Property insurance).

Offering lifts to other U3A members when attending U3A activities

U3A members can offer lifts to other members and accept money towards petrol costs without compromising their car insurance policy provided that the driver only receives an appropriate proportion of the fuel cost from each passenger and not the total amount as this would then amount to a private hire fee and require “taxi” insurance cover.

Members are reminded that any incident involving the driving of the vehicle would be covered under their own motor insurance policy. This includes injury to passengers and members are advised to check that their insurance policy does cover such an eventuality.

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For 2018, we have the biggest-ever programme of outings on offer. Many members have asked for the dates well in advance so they can plan ahead, but booking will not open until the General Meeting specified

Dates for your Diary
Tue Jul 17th "The Palace of Westminster" – Kevin Gordon.

Kevin is an accredited guide for the Palace of Westminster who has taken thousands of people around the building. This illustrated talk gives a history of Parliament and the buildings that make up the Palace of Westminster. It covers its art, architecture, traditions, and workings of our Parliament.

Members of the architectural group will know Kevin well from two previous talks and a guided tour of Lewes.
Tue Aug 21st "From Corrie to Home Fires, fifty years in Television. A fascinating view of my life and career" - Jim Whelan

An actor for more than 50 years. Jim has worked with many of the top stars of TV & film and in soaps such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale and the Royle family, appearing in some of the biggest story lines. He has also worked as a Comic/Singer in theatres and clubs. He promises an entertaining and an amusing afternoon.
Tue Sep 18th "Pigment of the Imagination" - Dr Alexandra Loske.

A German-born art historian, lecturer at Sussex University and curator at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, Alexandra specialises in late 18th and early 19th century art & architecture. Well known to us as an entertaining speaker, Alexandra returns for a fourth visit.

This time she will examine how artists’ materials are inextricably linked with the history of colour concepts or theories, as well as pigment history. In the C18th and C19th, the discovery of new pigments plus a surge in scientific and philosophical writing about colour and colour theory dramatically changed attitudes to colour use in art and interior design.
Tue Oct 16th "Georgia to Afghanistan" - John Pilkington

John follows a less travelled branch of the Silk Road from the Caucasus across the Caspian Sea to Samarkand, then to the High Pamirs of Tajikistan and Afghanistan. A journey of many contrasts: crossing one river took him back 100years in time, from cars to donkeys; electricity to candles and piped water to wells!

John, a writer and broadcaster, for many years with the BBC World Service and Radio 4 is returning to Midhurst by popular demand. He will give us a surprising insight into this remote area once traversed by Marco Polo with stories from 'behind the headlines'.
Tue Nov 20th "Hearth & Home: Aspects of Sussex House building materials" - Dr Geoffrey Mead.

Geoffrey is a Landscape Studies & Geography Lecturer at Sussex University.

Sussex has a variety of rocks and soils which, while shaping the physical landscape, also give us a wide range of vernacular building materials and these clays and sandstones, the beach pebbles and timber trees, provide the spectrum of buildings that shape our built environment in city, town and country, seashore and farmstead.
Tue Dec 11th Combined Christmas Party with Entertainer, Alan Gibson

Born in Scotland, Alan lived in the NE of England for many years. He considers himself a local musician having lived in the Midhurst area for about 30 years. He has performed music up and down the country for over 45 years.

His roots are in folk music, but he plays a wide variety of music: - folk, country and popular music. He has performed at many MADhurst events; local pubs; Langham's Brewery music event in August and at the Southdowns Folk Festival in Bognor Regis in September, both big successes. He much enjoys playing ukulele with the Southdowns Ukulele Orchestra.
Tue Jan 15th "The Forgotten Origins of Vaccination" - Patrick J Pead

A chance encounter with an intriguing inscription on a tombstone led to the remarkable story of Man’s early quest for immunity to infection. Vaccination was preceded by strange practices used by ancient civilisations to protect people against smallpox. It was Benjamin Jesty who discovered vaccination, 22 years before Dr Edward Jenner. We learn of Jesty's lost historic importance and hear recent findings from the speaker’s research.

Patrick spent over 35 years working as a medical scientist on the diagnosis of infectious diseases for the Public Health Laboratory Service in St Mary’s Hospital at Portsmouth. In 1999 he moved to assist with research in the School of Medicine at the University of Southampton. He was awarded the Fellowship of The Historical Association and elected a Member of The Royal Historical Society, for his work on Benjamin Jesty.
Tue Feb 19th "Children of the Swinging 60s - a light-hearted look back at the last half century" - Mark Perry-Nash

This will be thoroughly enjoyable nostalgia!

Mark is a Social Historian, who has enjoyed a career in PR, advertising and teaching. He has worked for more than 25 years in the United States. He also trained in counselling and has an interest in psychology as it relates to historical events. He is an established raconteur and speaker and is making a return visit to us.
Tue Mar 19th "The Infamous Ford Grey, Earl of Tankerville" - Dr Bob France

This talk explores the fall and rise of a Harting man: This is a Restoration period adventure of scandal, intrigue and rebellion. As Uppark's builder and most notorious owner Ford Grey's life swings from scandals straight out of restoration comedy to Intrigue and confrontation in politics. He narrowly escapes the executioner's axe three times, but ends his 45 year life in the country's highest office.

As a U3A member and guide at both Uppark and Petworth, Dr Bob requires no introduction. He is also a well known speaker at many clubs and societies throughout Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey.
Tue Apr 16th "Women of the Raj" - Brian Freeland

Brian returns for a second visit by popular demand after his first talk.

This time we learn about the life and politics of British India. When the Colonial Administrators arrived to take over from the East India Company they were often accompanied by their wives who spoke only English and who mixed only with other wives. Many were unable to communicate with their household staff and made great demands on their husbands. As one Indian writer wrote later: "I don't think they realised what a menace they were. If the memsahibs had remained in Britain there might never have been a Mutiny."
Tue May 21st Annual General Meeting
Thu Jun 28th Cliveden and Windsor Castle.

This trip has been cancelled. For further information contact the Trips Organiser.
Sun Sep 23rd Open House London.

Held every year, this allows free access to a huge range of London’s normally inaccessible public and major private buildings and will be an unique experience.

Further details will follow.
Thu Oct 4th Bletchley Park

Many who went on last year’s trip felt they would like to return (and those who have kept their tickets may do so this time for free!). It is also an opportunity for those who missed out to join us and also visit the adjacent National Museum of Computing.

Further details will follow.
Thu Sep 3rd
→Mon Sep 7th

Oberammergau Passion Play 2020 & the Castles & Lakes of Bavaria Oberammergau Passion Play

Plans are now coming together for the 5 day holiday to Oberammergau on the 3rd of September 2020, so please follow this link to the Tailored Travel Website to see the full details. It is only referred to as Midhurst U3A for want of a better name - anyone is welcome to come.

Please contact Di Ponting for further information and to book or use the details on the Tailored Travel Website. Tailored Travel will hold the remaining reserved places until the end of July 2018.

Science and Technology
Thu Jul 5th

Visit to the Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre

Amberley Railway Collection We would hope to arrive for 10am. Transport as usual would be by sharing cars. On arrival, there would be time for a quick coffee (30 minutes or so) and then we would have a talk/tour of the Narrow Gauge railway stock for an hour. After this, you would be free to explore the museum at will, taking lunch at the café or bringing your own picnic - presumably depending on the weather. As we are all over 60, I am told that the charge for a group of 10 or more would be £12 including the talk. (Annual Members of the Amberley Museum would only be charged for the talk - £2)

For further information about the museum, go to http://www.amberleymuseum.co.uk/. Accessibility worries can be addressed by visiting http://www.amberleymuseum.co.uk/accessibility/. Their heritage buses and trains run from 10:30am to 4pm and should help most of us get around as we begin to tire. Should any of you have specific needs, they can be mentioned to me or directly to the museum, who will do their best to fulfil them.

At this stage, I am just gauging interest and require no money yet. However we will need to pay in advance so I will have to collect the money in, either at forthcoming general meetings or by post to my home address or by BACS to the Midhurst U3A bank account. As usual, to book a place, contact the Science and Technology Group Leader quoting the usual information (Full name(s), contact phone number, mobile number for use on the day, email address, whether you will be driving and the number of places available in your car if you are willing to offer lifts). Also please specify if you are already an annual member of the museum.

Fri Aug 17th Visit to Alexander-Dennis in Guildford

Many of you will remember that I organised a visit to Alexander-Dennis (Bus chassis factory) last year after the talk given at the general meeting. The visit was cancelled on the day before due to staff illness. After some polite persistence, I have now received an offer to visit the factory on the 17th August.

I have no details at this stage except that there will be a small party from another group sharing the visit with us. There is no charge for the visit and I understand that refreshments will be made available to us at the start of the visit. If it is like the planned visit from last year, we will need to arrive in Guildford for about 12:30 to 1pm. Transport will be by car share.

As usual, to book a place, contact the Science and Technology Group Leader quoting the usual information (Full name(s), contact phone number, mobile number for use on the day, email address, whether you will be driving and the number of places available in your car if you are willing to offer lifts). This is particularly important for new members of the U3A . Needless to say, you must be a member of Midhurst U3A (or a neighbouring U3A) to take part.
Wed Sep 26th

King We have a few seats left for our trip to see "The Play That Goes Wrong" on Wednesday 26th September at the Kings Theatre, Southsea.

This is an award winning comedy, now in its 4th year in the West End, about an amateur dramatic company putting on a play with multiple disasters occurring!

The performance starts at 2.30pm and our coach will leave Midhurst (Police Station) at 12.30pm. The cost is £34 per person to include theatre seat, coach fare and driver gratuity.

If you would like to join us please click on Sanchia Elsdon.