General meetings with a guest speaker are held in the Methodist Church Hall, North Street, Midhurst starting at 2.30pm. Admission is £2 for members and £3 for visitors, including tea and biscuits. Please arrive before 2.15pm if you would like to have tea and biscuits.

Architecture Group Bomber Command Memorial Chelsea Hospital Bernese Oberland

Study days and workshops are also organised by the Sussex U3A Network (SUN). Have a look at the SUN Study Day Programme on the Sun Website to find out further details (when they become available) and to download registration forms. Details and application forms for the next three SUN Study Days will usually be available at our general meetings from the "Sound Guy" at the front. SUN Study Days cost £8 and generally run from 9:45 am until 3:30 pm.You will need to bring a packed lunch.

You will need Adobe Reader to read these downloaded documents. Nearly all computers have this software. If yours does not, click on this link to download Adobe Reader to your computer (remembering first to untick the 'optional offers' shown unless you want software other than Adobe Reader to be installed to your machine as well).

Visit to Charleston Visit to Charleston Visit to Charleston


Where a member has booked and paid for a trip or other event (either a deposit or the full amount) and later cancels for any reason, he/she should immediately inform the trip organisers and return the ticket(s) to them as soon as possible.

A refund will be made of all costs recovered by the U3A in two circumstances:-

1. If their place(s) can be re-sold or
2. An amount of money is refunded by the venue/travel company involved.

In other cases a refund will only be made in exceptional circumstances (such as medical emergencies), at the discretion of the Committee

N.B. Please read the Event Ticket & Insurance Information sheet as this sets the terms and conditions which apply to Midhurst U3A Event Tickets as well as details about the U3A Insurance in terms of what is covered (Public Liability & Product Liability) and what is not covered (Personal Accident, Travel, Cancellation and Personal Property insurance).

Offering lifts to other U3A members when attending U3A activities

U3A members can offer lifts to other members and accept money towards petrol costs without compromising their car insurance policy provided that the driver only receives an appropriate proportion of the fuel cost from each passenger and not the total amount as this would then amount to a private hire fee and require “taxi” insurance cover.

Members are reminded that any incident involving the driving of the vehicle would be covered under their own motor insurance policy. This includes injury to passengers and members are advised to check that their insurance policy does cover such an eventuality.

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For 2019, we have the biggest-ever programme of outings on offer. Many members have asked for the dates well in advance so they can plan ahead, but booking will not open until the General Meeting specified

Dates for your Diary
Tue Feb 18th "The Patina of Heritage . . . Photographic observations of vernacular materials and the process of ageing" - Jenny Lewin

Time and weathering can be both a destructive and a creative process. The richness of texture , colour, bio diversity and beauty continues to emerge long after construction and the builders of the time have passed. A Heritage building can encapsulate echoes of the past with a living present in an entirely unique way.

Jennifer Lewin is a local Conservation Accredited Architect and will be sharing her observations on the vibrancy of the ageing process.
Tue Mar 17th "Petersfield Museum: A progress report on the redevelopment" - Bill Gosney

After 18 months closure, we hear the history and plans to create a cultural centre and visitor attraction. It is a major £2.8m re-development. The museum itself is set in a unique set of buildings: Magistrates Courthouse, police house and cells with exercise yard.

Bill Gosney is a familiar face in the Petersfield area, well known for his many guided walks. He is, as a trustee of the Petersfield Museum, directly involved in this ambitious project. An interesting and entertaining speaker whose last talk to us was on the history of toilets!
Tue Apr 21st "SOE - Special Operations Executive: Churchill's Secret Army" - Gillian Halcrow

Gillian has been inspired to prepare and research this talk to honour the brave men and women who served their country in WWII. Capturing your interest from the start and move you both to laughter and tears. Covers the oper-ational training and preparation of agents as well as amazing missions, some successful and others betrayed.

Previously at the National Trust as the Volunteer Co-ordinator at Knole, organising the guides and stewards (300 then). Now the Chairman of a small committee of volunteers organising lectures and outings for the volunteers, and a Highlight Guide at Knole. Started giving talks, having organised and heard so many. She much enjoys meeting different groups and gets a big buzz from public speaking with the added pleasure of raising substantial sums of money for her pet charities.
Tue May 19th A.G.M.
Study Days
Sat Feb 8th

sun-logobluebackground.jpg Landscapes of South East England by Geoffrey Mead in Pulborough Village Hall

Aspects of our rich regional landscapes.

Click on the title for a booking form

Sat Mar 14th

sun-logobluebackground.jpg Country Houses of the South Downs from Medieval to 20th Century by Sue Berry at the Woodlands Centre Rustington

An exploration of how fashion and fortune affected these houses.

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Sat Apr 18th

sun-logobluebackground.jpg A Mathematical Medley by Roger luther in North Heath Hall Horsham

Some numbers, some shapes and some algorithms.

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Sat May 9th

sun-logobluebackground.jpg Crusades and Knights Templar by Geoff Doel

An exploration of the first 100 years of the controversial crusading movement and of the iconic Order of Knights Templar, which has fuelled so many bizarre legends.

Not booking yet (click to be taken to the SUN Study Page)

Summer Schools
Mon Jun 15th
→Thu Jun 18th
The South East U3A Forum Summer School will be held at the University of Chichester from Monday 15 to Thursday 18 June 2020. Thirteen courses are being offered and the costs are unchanged from 2019. For further details, please click on SE U3A Forum Summer school.
Thu Sep 3rd
→Mon Sep 7th

Oberammergau Passion Play 2020 & the Castles & Lakes of Bavaria Oberammergau Passion Play

Plans are now coming together for the 5 day holiday to Oberammergau on the 3rd of September 2020, so please follow this link to the Tailored Travel Website to see the full details. It is only referred to as Midhurst U3A for want of a better name - anyone is welcome to come.

Please contact Di Ponting for further information and to book or use the details on the Tailored Travel Website.

Computing Skills
Wed Feb 12th What to do when something doesn’t work!

We all have at least occasional problems with our computers, printers and internet.

What should you do when this happens?
What simple guidelines can you follow?
Where can you safely find extra help?

Also, please bring any current problems to the lesson and we will try to help you solve them.
Wed Mar 11th Producing a simple presentation using PowerPoint

PowerPoint is used very widely to prepare both very good and very boring presentations. During the lesson you will be taken though a set of simple steps to enable you to put together a good, clear presentation.
Wed Apr 8th Preparing a simple illustrated newsletter for family, friends or a group using Word.

Putting together a high quality newsletter such as Midhurst U3A’s What’s On requires skill and experience, but all of us can use Word to prepare a simpler newsletter with news and photographs for circulation within our families, to friends or for small groups and clubs.

During the lesson you will be taken though a set of simple steps to enable you to put together a simple, clear illustrated newsletter.