We have a number of documents within the group which you may find useful or of interest.

U3A Group Leaders Handbook
Issued by the Third Age Trust and can be downloaded from U3A’s national website at Third Age Trust. Once registered and logged in, the path is: members’ menu/document downloads/reference documents/group leaders handbook.

It comprises three areas:

  • shared learning (considerations when starting a group)
  • local matters (information about your own U3A)
  • the logbook (building up a file about your activity group, ideas, plans, events etc), which can be passed on to the next co-ordinator.

General Information for Activity Group Co-ordinators (AGC)
This document was produced by Maureen Cairns, a former Groups Co-ordinator, as a useful guide for new and prospective Activity Group Co-ordinators and can be accessed from the Link on the sidebar.

U3A - Check List for Group Presentation
This document was produced by a group member (AGC). It is a step-by-step list to assist AGCs when preparing for a meeting involving a group presentation (external speaker).

The Resource Centre
This is in the National Office at Bromley and holds a collection of material in most subject areas. There are slides, videos, audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs available for all U3A’s to borrow. Lists are free and available on request. There is also an online catalogue.
You can register as a user and do not need to go through Mid-Northumberland main U3A.
Go to - National Resource Centre and register as a user or log-in if you are already registered.

There are a number of national activity co-ordinators, i.e. people who have expertise in a particular area or who have had experience of starting up a particular group. Information on these people can be found through the Resource Centre.

Sources Magazine
This is available quarterly and features themed publications – e.g. genealogy.
Go to Third Age Trust - members’ menu/document downloads/sources

U3A Regional Website
You can also access the regional website at Northumbria Region U3A.


Projector for use with computer. U3A owns two projectors: one for use with a computer in the hall; the second is a small (large handbag sized) portable projector which is intended for use where groups meet in someone’s house or similar facility. Use of a screen is optional as the machine will project onto a blank wall. The projector can be booked by any group by contacting the Equipment Organiser on the CONTACT page.