The Book Thief

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak (reviewed 14 September)

In 1939 nine year old Liesel is taken, by her mother, to live with foster parents in Molching, a town outside Munich on the road to Dachau. The story tells of her life with the Hubermann’s, her friend Rudy and Max,a Jew who spends much of the story hidden in the Hubermann’s cellar. The story is narrated by Death.

Most of us enjoyed the book finding the characters well drawn, especially Hans who we felt held the story together. We thought it was informative to read a story set in WW2, from a German perspective, although one member did point out that we seem to have read quite a lot of books set in wars recently!

It was suggested that the story might have been better without using Death as the narrator. One member found it difficult to connect with the story, feeling that it didn’t quite gel but the majority thought it was a good read and awarded it a score of 3.5