Bee Watch Gallery

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Buff Tailed Bee Hotel - Ranscombe Farm Buff Tailed Queen Pollen Sacks Red tail
Tree Bumble Bee Brown Banded Carder Brown Banded Buff Tail B.Vestalis, Northfield, 18-04-2018
B.Vestalis, Northfield, 18-04-2018 Carder, Allotments Walk, 19-06-18 Tree, Allotments Walk, 19-06-18 Worker, Allotments Walk, 19-06-18 B.Vestalis, Northfield, 18-04-2018.
Buff/White Tail Worker, Jeskyns 26-06-18 Common Carder, Jeskyns 26-06-18 Red Tail Jeskyns 26-06-18 Red Tail,  Jeskyns 26-06-18
B.Rupestris - Hill Cuckoo Bumblebee. 1. B.rupestris - Hill Cuckoo Bumblebee. 2. B.Rupestris - Hill Cuckoo Bumblebee. 3.