Bee Walk - Jeskyns Community Woodland

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Walks take place on the 4th Tuesday of the month starting at 14.00. Please refer to Events for dates.

Meet outside the cafe at Jeskyns Community Woodland.

The walk will follow the sloping grassy pathway taking in some meadowland, orchard and new woodlands. The grass gets very long as the season progresses and paths may be muddy after rain so please wear suitable footwear.

A picture of the proposed transect is attached

Please note normal parking charges apply.

If you are interested in joining this group please contact Anne Marie Medhurst


26th June
A very hot and sunny walk today but more fruitful in terms of sightings.

  • 4 Red Tails
  • 1 Common Carder
  • 7 Buff/White Tail workers
  • 1 Buff Tail queen
  • 7 Honey bees

All busy working the clover, knapweed, bramble and birdsfoot trefoil.

Section 3 proved impossible to walk because of the thickness and length of the grass now and it may be necessary to alter the walk to take this into account.

22nd May
A lovely day for a walk but that feeling with obviously not shared by the local bumble bees as there was only 1 buff/white tail worker on some clover.
The grass in Section 3 is now quite long but I was hopeful that the clumps would have tempted some common carder who like to nest in this sort of area.

24th April
The inaugural walk set off on a cloudy and rather windy afternoon but our efforts were soon rewarded.

Over the course of the walk we managed to catch

  • 2 Common Carder: a queen and one we were doubtful over as it was too large for a male but seemed to have rather hairy legs
  • 3 Buff Tail Queens
  • 1 Red Tail Queen.

We also saw a red tail on the wing but it was too fast for us to catch.

We spotted a number of soitary bees and became quite blazé about catching them. Among the solitary bees we managed to identify were

  • a Tawny Mining Bee
  • several Common Lawn Bees

We got back to the café just in time to get a welcome cup of coffee.

2019 Season

First meeting of the year will take place on 26 March 2019. Meeting at the cafe at 2:00. Contact Anne Marie for a 'Parking Pass'.