Current Affairs 2017-2018

Our first meeting of the year was held on 18th September. Although we had intended to continue our discussions on how effectively charities deliver aid, there has been so much happening in the political arena that our time ran out before we got there! We hope to get back to the charities next month - party conferences and Brexit negotiations permitting!

October found us talking about and Brexit and Trump. We also returned to charities and how efficiently they distribute their money. Philip gave a particularly interesting account of the Rochester Bridge charity - which was new to most of us - and how they are responsible for all crossings of the Medway.

In November there was lively discussion about Zimbabwe and the numerous cases of sexual abuse. The general feeling was that too many trivial events were becoming treated with the same degree of concern as serious matters of rape and abuse. And there was a fair bit of reminiscing on the ethos of earlier years ...