Meols (Southport)

Other Southport U3As

There has recently been some confusion regarding the free movement of members within the three Southport U3As. (Southport, Birkdale and ourselves). We have been in touch with the Chairmen of Birkdale and Southport U3As who have replied as follows:


“I confirm that members of Southport and Meols U3As are very welcome to visit any of our meetings and take part in any of our group activities. The only thing we ask is that they show their membership card and pay the £2.00 entrance fee. To the best of my knowledge, for the past three years there has been a reciprocal agreement that all members could interchange if and when spaces were available in the appropriate group".


“We did discuss the agreement at our committee meeting last Thursday (27 February). The outcome was that at the moment we would probably not be able to accommodate too many visitors due to our ever rising numbers. At present we have 625 members which is increasing daily. Most of our 55 groups are full and we are looking for more volunteers to run groups. Although in principle the agreement still stands, in reality it is unlikely that we could accommodate any visitors. I realise that this is not very satisfactory. We do welcome visitors but they invariably become members before they leave the session. Your members are welcome to try".


Our position is similar to that of Birkdale and Ainsdale, except that we charge £1 for visitors to our monthly meetings and 50p is charged at interest groups. Members need to show their membership card. All are welcome to our monthly meetings and (provided there are vacancies) to our interest groups.

Details of the group activities of both Birkdale and Southport are on their U3A websites. If you have any further queries, please contact our secretary.


“It is down to individual U3A committees to decide their own policies. The U3A Trust encourages reciprocal arrangements, where appropriate.”