Melbourne Area Derby


How membership works
When you join MADu3a you will be able to sign up for groups and attend monthly members' meetings and other events. To join a group you can either sign up via the Member Portal, contact the group leader by clicking the link on the relevant group web page or contact the Groups Coordinator via contact us. The group leader will then keep you updated via email.

Member Portal
All member information is stored securely on the National U3A Beacon Membership System. From the Member Portal you can join groups, contact group leaders and update your personal information.

To access your information click the Member Portal link.
Use your u3a membership number, name and postcode to log in and review/update your details. Should you experience any difficulties logging in please contact us.

Calendar of events
Visit the Events page for the calendar of all-member events or your group leader for up-to-date information on group activities. The Calendar will be fully updated in September.

Membership renewal
For membership renewal click renew your membership and download the form.
Payments are fully explained but any other queries will be answered by the membership secretary via Contact

Your comments and suggestions are very welcome. Use the Contact page to send an email or telephone/text mobile 07843 746217.

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