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about Melbourn & District u3a

Our u3a started in 1994 and now has around 400 members mainly drawn from South Cambridgeshire and North Hertfordshire. We comprise over 30 groups ... yoga, walks, music, art, local history ... to name a few. These are informal, mutual and self-supporting rather than the teacher and student format. There are no exams, but there is much learning.

In some groups, a leader brings professional experience and in other groups, members share the role to build greater skill or understanding. A leader of one group is often a member of other groups. Newcomers are welcomed regardless of experience or knowledge. Meetings are held in the morning or afternoon, in people's houses or in hired local halls. Sometimes there's a small charge to cover a cost.

We hold a monthly general meeting, with a guest speaker, at 2.45 pm on the third Wednesday of the month (but not in December). These switch between Zoom, a hall meeting or a hybrid where we also broadcast/stream the live meeting. We keep you up to date via the Newsletter and email bulletins - but let us know if we can help more.

There is a national organisation called the Third Age Trust, a registered charity, to which Melbourn & District u3a is affiliated. The Trust provides a conduit for the exchange of ideas between other u3as. Our subscription includes an amount due to the Trust. To find out more about the U3A, this link will take you to the National U3A website > What is the U3A?.

The Annual Membership Fee is still £13 per person or £8.25 if you join after 1 February 2023. The fee is the same if you belong to another u3a. There is a U3A membership application that you can download to fill in or instead you may use the form here: u3a membership join online. Use contact to get in touch.

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