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Our purposes and policies

General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) - the links on the right show our guiding policies.
All membership organisations such as the U3A, are required by law to get consent from customers and members to continue holding personal details such as name, postal address, telephone number and email address. However, we are anxious to ensure that we keep any inconvenience for our members to an absolute minimum, and so we have obtained an assurance from the Information Commissioner’s Office that instead of asking for your consent now, and again when the memberships are renewed, it would not be unreasonable in the circumstances to wait until you renew your membership. Therefore next June we will mail you a consent form which you can then return to us with your subscription. In the meantime, we can confirm for your information that we may use your data for the following purposes. If you have an objection to any use, you will be able to tell us on the membership renewal form that we will send you in June:

  • to store it securely for membership purposes
  • to communicate with you as a U3A member
  • to share it with group leaders and current and prospective members for those groups that you are a current member or prospective member
  • to send you general information about the Third Age Trust (the national organisation to which U3As are affiliated)
  • to include in U3A material any photograph or recording taken for U3A purposes in which you appear
  • to use it as required for Gift Aid purposes.

Sometimes an incident may occur which makes us a little anxious about a fellow member. It might be that someone on an outing becomes confused and separated from the group, or perhaps we are worried that a member living alone is not coping well. Being concerned about others in this way is not being nosy or interfering, and it is not about taking over or solving problems – the fact is that as we get older and less able, we all might welcome a kindly word and offer of help. If you do have a concern about someone, please don’t be shy about seeking advice. You can speak to your group leader or a committee member to share your concern, and we will try to ensure it is handled sensitively and confidentially.