Market Drayton

News Letter

Chairmans Newsletter, Summer 2018 - Peter Chevins

I will start this newsletter with the good news that our membership continues to rise and we now number 297, with meeting attendances often around 80.
The less good news is that the cultural visits that our committee and others go to so much trouble to organise have not been well attended, and the scheduled visit to Calke Abbey had to be cancelled for lack of numbers. I know these visits are often advertised in the magazine well in advance, and maybe you think it is too soon to commit yourself, but if too few members book, it is not economic to go ahead. Then the organiser who has gone to the trouble of booking the venue, and the coach etc, has to contact each individual member who has made a reservation, cancel it and return their money. And all for nothing!
In view of this the committee has decided to reduce the number of visits to two a year, and we hope you will support these, otherwise we may have to discontinue these visits entirely.
As I mentioned at our last meeting, we are now seeking a new person to book our monthly speakers. I want to take this opportunity to thank Lynn Ashburner for doing the job for the last year or two; she has only resigned because she is leaving our catchment area. I am sure you will agree that she has arranged some really interesting speakers. She already has an extensive list of possible future speakers, so the job for a new person will not be too onerous - just phoning up a few speakers and agreeing dates etc. The committee will be on hand to give any assistance needed, and you can join our committee meetings, which are always a great deal of fun. So, please contact me on 01630 653526 or by email ( if you are interested.
I understand that our magazine editor, Alan Cartwright, is shortly to write a section on all that the committee members do, but one thing is certain and that is that he will not include himself. You can see from the latest issue of the magazine what a lot of effort goes into it, so I want to thank him here and now for all his hard work. We would not have a magazine, or indeed a membership card, without him. Thank you so much Alan.
By the time you read this we shall have had our 20th anniversary celebrations at the Festival Drayton Centre - the committee are busy planning the event as I write- although some of these celebrations continue in the current magazine. So we shall soon have had our August summer break and be ready to start year 21! I feel sure it will be every bit as good as our last few years. Do tell any of your friends who are not members how much fun our organisation is - and don't forget to tell them about all our special interest groups. Of course all our details can be found on the website - just google Market Drayton U3A, the more members we have the more we can keep the subscription down.
Enjoy the rest of the year and I look forward to seeing you at our meetings.

Peter Chevins (chairman)