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Neighbourhood and Network News

The Neighbourhood is a group of 9 local U3As which have joined together under the name of the North Notts Neighbourhood Group to share activities and events and to enable members to join Interest Groups in the other U3As, if there is room.

The NNNG meets twice a year to discuss what is happening within the various U3As and to help each other or to cooperate in activities, both social and in the community. The meetings provide a forum for discussion and a chance for members to get to know their 'neighbours' in an informal gathering. The Minutes of the meetings are posted in the links on the right.

Warsop U3A was launched in October 2017 and has become a member of the NNNG.

You can access the web-sites of local U3As through the links on the right - those marked with a * are members of the North Notts Neighbourhood Group.

The Network is the Nottinghamshire U3A organisation and includes all the U3As in Nottinghamshire. These sometimes come together to run Workshops in the county or to help and advise U3As.
'Newsbites' is the Network's Newsletter and appears in the Links column on the right.

Details of Neighbourhood or Network News, Events and activities will be placed on this page, or in the Links section to the right.