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U3A Summer Schools
The information about the Summer Schools - subjects, venues, dates and costs - can be found on the National U3A website (click on U3A on our website menu and then on Events).
Or phone the National Office on 020 8466 6139

The Third Age Trust now publishes a Newsletter giving all members a chance to read what is happening across the country and at National Level.
This Newsletter complements the quarterly magazine Third Age Matters which you all receive.
You can access the National Newsletter by clicking here.
You can even receive it in your own email box by filling in the form.

Just as interesting is the Sources Magazine Archive - again accessed by clicking here. This magazine is especially interesting as it has a theme for each issue, which may relate to your interests.

Finally, you can read Third Age Matters - Text only in the text-only version with no photos or lay-out. This might help some people.