Mansfield & District


Mansfield & District U3A

Mansfield U3A welcomes new members to its thriving community which was established in 1999 and has grown to 300 members, offering over 40 interest groups.

Once your application has been accepted, we will welcome you to a dedicated coffee morning which will answer the many questions about our U3A and outline the varied interest groups.

We will give you information about the U3A movement as a whole and its values to help you decide if you want to join this unique organisation that depends on its members to form and run the groups that are the lifeblood of each U3A.
The coffee morning is also a chance for you to make friends before attending the much larger and busier monthly meetings.

At the first few monthly meetings, seats are reserved for you, and your new members’ badges will ensure that current members offer any assistance required.

If you are interested in joining Mansfield U3A, you can use the button on the Contact page to ask for further details or to request an application form from the Membership Secretary.
Details of Subscriptions are on the Finance page.

There is sometimes a waiting list to join our U3A. If so, your application will be acknowledged and you will be contacted as soon as a vacancy becomes available.