Malling District

Beacon Management System

Malling District U3A is using the Beacon Management System for some but not all of its work. The committee and other administrators can provide group details, a calendar with news of group events and of general events, send emails and lots more.

The general membership will have access to the members portal where they can see their group details, peruse the calendar and download bits from it; just click on any entry for more detail. They will also be able to update their own personal details and in principle it should be possible to check whether a group is full, if there is a waiting list, join the group, renew membership and more, all on-line through the portal. In early 2016 we are feeling our way but some of these things are available now, how completely depending on the group convenors and other officials.

All members may access the members portal and are encouraged to do so especially to check their personal details and make any corrections which are necessary.

Links are provided at the right of this page so that any member of the general public may see a list of our current interest groups and a calendar of events for the next three months. No user-name or password is necessary, just click on the link and then click further for more detail. There is currently no method to join our U3A online but an application form may be downloaded from the Welcome page.