Maidstone Invicta

Group Facilitator

The Role of an Interest Group Facilitator

Interest groups are proposed by members. The interest group members govern what happens in their group. One or more members of the group acts as facilitator.

The facilitator is the person who co-ordinates the group’s endeavours, who ‘chairs’ the meeting and liaises with the Interest Group Co-ordinator.

The facilitator is not necessarily the Expert or Teacher

Prior to the first meeting of the Interest Group

The Facilitator should :-

Notify the Interest Groups Coordinator of the nature of the group and meeting day/times/venue.
Perform a risk assessment ( to ensure members enjoy the experience without sustaining any AVOIDABLE problems).
Prepare an Attendance Log (for a fire register but also for the group record).
Plan the agenda of the first meeting

At the meetings

The Facilitator should :-

Outline the agenda

Help members:-
Get to know one another
Decide what happens in the group
Get to know how best to gain the most from the group
Enjoy the meeting
Look forward to the next meeting

Please Contact the Interest Group Co-ordiator to register your interest in becoming a volunteer Group Facilitator.