If you are interested in becoming a member and you are no longer in full-time work, click the blue pigeon Send a message button in the top right hand corner of this page to send a message to Membership Enquiries. Additionally, if you have family or friends who you think may be interested in joining then please encourage them to do so. Membership Fees are £16.00 per annum. A sliding scale for subscriptions applies to those joining in the latter half of the year, for details send an e-mail to Membership Enquiries using the blue pigeon send a message button at the top of this page. Click the link in the Links panel at the side of this page for a Membership Application Form.

The ‘Ethos’ of the University of the Third Age
When becoming a member of Maidstone U3A, individuals agree to abide by the aims and guiding principles of the U3A movement, often referred to as the ‘ethos’ of the U3A. We would like to make members aware of this ethos.

Each U3A is a learning co-operative of people who are no longer in full-time employment. The main aim of a U3A is to encourage and enable its members to help each other to learn by the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience. The guiding principle for a U3A is that it should offer learning activities which reflect the members' wishes and which aim to satisfy the widest possible range of interests. U3As arrange and support their own programmes as appropriate to these chosen learning activities. The U3A Mission Statement can be seen by clicking the link in the Links panel on the right hand side of this page.

The funding of a U3A is mainly through the subscriptions of its members. Members themselves then undertake, without payment, the many and varied tasks necessary to run their U3A. Maidstone U3A encourages all its members to embrace this U3A ‘ethos’ of self-help, by offering to share their own knowledge, skills and experience with the rest of the membership. This can be done in many ways: by sharing your knowledge of a particular subject as a Group Leader; by sharing an experience as a speaker at a monthly meeting; by offering to help members of the Commitee, when they ask for volunteers for specific tasks, for example preparing the hall before and after meetings or helping to serve refreshments.

If members are interested in reading about these aims and principles in full there is an information booklet available in the members’ area of the National U3A website in the Document Download area. Click the Constitution link in the Links panel at the side of this page to read the Constitution of Maidstone U3A.

Gift Aid
If you are a tax paying member please consider completing THE GIFT AID DECLARATION on the membership application form. This can help increase the value of donations to the benefit of Maidstone U3A.

Our Membership Records
Our Database Administrator would like to ensure that all information is accurate. Please notify him of any changes via the blue pigeon Send a message button at the top right hand side of this page or through the CONTACT page. Membership records are held on a computer and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. These records are used only for purposes directly connected to U3A. Our Privacy and Data protection Policy may be seen by clicking Data Protection Policy or Privacy Policy in the Links panel at the side of this page.