Privacy Policy

The original data protection legislation was brought into force in 1998. Since then the technical and social media revolution has meant a long overdue revision of data protection principles and privacy provisions is needed. The new GDPR regulations, a European wide initiative, are implemented from May 2018 and apply to all organisations that hold and maintain personal data in the conduct of their day-to-day activities. Macclesfield U3A has reviewed data held and the purposes for which we use it. Our new data protection policies are available on this page.

At the time of joining U3A, all members complete and sign a new members form and this form constitutes a positive consent by the member to use their data to administer their membership. We need to keep your data up to date so if anything changes please notify the Membership Secretary; if you do notify changes we will take this as permission to use the modified data.

You have the right to receive a copy of the data we hold, although there may be circumstances where we are not able to comply, and to request rectification of any errors.

You also have the rights to require removal of your data or restrict its use. However, if you do either of these it may have an impact on our ability to administer your membership.

If you wish to exercise these rights, notify us of any changes, have any questions about this or wish to complain about our use of your information please contact the Membership Secretary.