Lyndhurst & District

Support Group

Lyndhurst U3A have formed a support group for all members during the Coronavirus crisis.

The members of the group and their contact details are as follows:

Tim Avient 07771 516811
Betty Tennant 07717 767997
Juliet Shaljean-Tilley 07504 596742
Stephen Tilley 07407 141481
Rosemary Timms 07483 239013
Steve Timms 07483 239007

Any other members are of course welcome if they wish to help.

We aim to assist all members of Lyndhurst U3A who are in isolation during the crisis by carrying out the following:

• Getting shopping
• Collecting prescriptions and other medicine
• Making regular phone calls or checking in with members
• Dealing with any household emergencies if they arise as best we can.
• Dog Walking if people do not want or are unable to leave the house (this
would be on a lead only however).
• A listening ear – Feel free to ring any of us at any time if you just want
to hear a human voice or have someone to talk to.

We are now fully up and running and ready to help whenever and wherever we are required. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need our assistance.

All deliveries are to set procedures in accordance with government and NHS guidelines to ensure that we keep those in isolation and ourselves safe and virus free.

For Lyndhurst U3A members in isolation who are already well served by family, neighbours or the Lyndhurst community group volunteers remember we are always there as an additional back up if you need us.

We now have a facebook site called ‘Lyndhurst U3A support group’. Any members who are on facebook are welcome to join the group. When you find our site just click on ‘ask to join’. We will start posting updates shortly which will hopefully be useful.