Inaugural Current/Topical Affairs meeting Wed 4/4/18
A splendid gathering of 11 met & discussed “Is cheating ever acceptable in Sport?”. A very healthy exchange of points of view, in which we all agreed that whilst there are various headlines about matters of cheating or bending rules, it is nothing new but certainly & sadly an increasing phenomenon. One that we understand but did not agree with or condone. The causes, rationale & commercialism, as well as how to possibly negate, led us conclude that “as fast as the Authorities catch up with the ‘villains’ new avenues to at best bend rules, at worst flagrantly break them, were established!”

Everyone enjoyed the meeting, contributed as they felt appropriate, and decided that this was a Group worth forming & now continuing with. However, we are already at a maximum comfortable level of participants, so cannot offer any more places until further notice.

Nigel McNeill will host & select next months subject the weekend prior to the meeting & advise the group accordingly.