New Age Kurling
I am the organiser of the proposed new section for the Kurling and I have just been informed by the sports centre that they have double booked our booking. Although the dates are correct the times have changed from 10.00am until 12.00noon to 2.00pm until 4.00pm Roy Maiden

Thursday Evening, November 29th at The Wycliffe Rooms.
Please put the date in your diary if you enjoy an evening of food and entertainment.
More information at a later date.

Parking Charge at Wycliffe Rooms has increased to £2.00

We met at Caren's to discuss and consider “The honours system & HMRC recommendations.” Firstly, thank you Caren for your hospitality. The consensus was that the system was fraught with problems. Lack of clarity, opaqueness, and the possibility of cronyism were amongst various concerns raised by one & all. One person felt there should not be an honours system at all. We all wished for a better approach, rewarding more lesser known people, as after all why should people be rewarded for being a Sportsperson or a celebrity?

Linda has kindly agreed to host next month's meeting.

For the group’s first early August meeting we took a look at the final programme in the series ‘History of British Art’ presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon. It was entitled ‘Our House’ and looked at developments in the C20 from the work of the Bloomsbury Group through to the more contemporary art of Francis Bacon & David Hockney. Graham-Dixon’s approach was a highly judgemental one and many of his judgements were dismissive and, the group felt, unreasonably condescending. He described the output of the St Ives School, for example, as ‘the art of the ‘not too bad’’ and David Hockney as becoming ‘a narcissist gazing into his swimming pool’. Whilst many in the group had serious reservations about aspects of modern art [eg the work of Francis Bacon] they nonetheless felt that the presenter did himself no favours with his withering, self opinionated approach. It did, however make for a good discussion afterwards. With the programme having been made by a much younger Graham-Dixon at the turn of the Millenium, we speculated that he would probably cringe now at the way he sought to present his ideas.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 6th September (10am-12 noon) when we will be looking at the work of the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.
Venue: 7, New Street
Apologies to Liz [Tel 557266].

John Turner

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