Topical/Current Affairs Grop meeting

Being an additional meeting & wishing to start the Year in a light hearted manner, instead of discussing one of the many woes in this country & world; we had a brilliant conversation about Christmas, New Year & Yuletide TV, Radio & reading matters.
Whilst we all lamented Morecambe & Wise & the possible diminishing role of The Queens traditional speech, we all found ways of watching some of what we considered the Xmas highlights. Even if it was not so much directly but via iPlayer, Catchup TV, Netflix et al! We all thought this was the future way viewing is & will continue to develop. Even if probably not on mobile phones for us folks!
Snow Leopards seemed to be a favourite, closely followed by Dracula (spooky!).
Those who watched Gavin & Stacey enjoyed it thoroughly but no one appeared overwhelmed by it!
With honourable mentions for several other programmes, including one we all concluded was excellent, even if not technically a Christmas programme - The Crown.
My what an interesting, well read bunch most of us are; editor excluded! And golly what a selection across all genres of writing that proved to be as well.
So a very interesting couple of hours & perhaps we all not only learnt something of interest to see, hear or view that we hadn’t really considered; but now know a little more about each other as a consequence!?

And a big thanks to Joy for playing such a splendid host not just this month but volunteering to host again next month as well.