An interesting couple of discussions, firstly about Non Disclosure Agreements & the use of these by celebrity or high profile business personnel, which by consensus we all agreed was not justified, based on media reports as we were not privy to the full facts.

Then how we all felt to a degree influenced by “the awards season,” be it Oscars, Bafta, Plays, TV etc. And how usually as a good prompt to see something but occasionally as a bad or indifferent prompt!

We also had a discussion about members of our group & attendance, and felt that as after a year, two had dropped out, due to one moving & one having a clash of commitments, we would offer the opportunity for anyone else to consider joining us. However, to meet in comfort in a group members house, space is limited, literally!

If anyone is interested, could they please contact Nigel McNeill Group Co-ordinator whose details are shown in the monthly newsletter?