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Thank you to all our members for your continuing support in u3a Luton. We could not exist without your support and are so looking forward to be able to all meet up again in person soon.


Royal National Institute for the Deaf

Please see the leaflet on the right of the page



We have now appointed two of our members to work as a team to take responsibility for our 'In Touch' newsletter. Tony and Phil will be looking for some interesting articles from yourselves to publish! Let's get writing!


We are now looking for a member to join us who might like to take on the job of Venue Liaison as Ted Andrews, our Executive member will be retiring from his post at the next AGM in May 2021. If any members know of any other member who might be interested or if you are interested please contact any member of the Executive via the contacts page. The Job Description is a separate document to the right of this page.


MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS 2021-22 -please see the document at the right of the page for details how to pay your membership fees.

New members can also find the appropriate form here and also a Gift Aid form if you are eligible.

There is a new Memory Study which you can take part in. click on the sub page 'Memory Study' to the right to see all the details on how to take part.


u3a National Newsletter

You can sign up for this to be delivered to you via email. Sign up for this under the u3a tab at the top of the page.

National u3a now has a Radio podcast and as we are now into 2021 it is hoped this will become a regular event. You will need to subscribe to the u3a YouTube channel and click the bell to get an alert when the episode is available. The last broadcast looked at members' life stories as well as stories from members and groups from across the movement.


The u3a now has new branding which was chosen after wide consultation with members and which gives us a fresh new look which is hoped will attract more members.


There is a new national winter learning programme to keep you all inspired and learning throughout the colder months. Look at the learning pages on u3a tab.

Made it! Make it! for Christmas - submit your festive craft projects
Poetry Competition - competition to find the best humorous u3a poem
Winter Watch - a challenge to see the best wintery photos
u3a Maths Week - 3 events celebrating maths in the u3a movement
Paint or Draw (POD) - a monthly themed art challenge

u3a is working on a project on the Battle of Britain and want to hear about your experiences and memories. please email your stories to u3a.

Thank you again to all our members who attended the reconvened AGM meeting of 14th September 2020. It was better attended than our first meeting and we were able to appoint new committee members and vote on essential items.



24 August 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended the virtual AGM today. We were however, not quorate, as only 55 members attended and we needed 150 to be quorate. Therefore the date for the next AGM will be on 14 September 2020 at 10:15am (registration from 10:00am) and will be deemed quorate with how ever many members are in attendance. This allows for the 21 days mandatory period between meetings. Please do make every effort to attend.
You should email Winnie the Secretary nearer to the date for the Zoom links and she will send them to you. If you have any questions please email me The ID and password to access the necessary documents on this page will be the same as for the meeting today.

AGM 24 August 2020
The Agenda, Minutes of AGM 2019 and the signed Accounts for the AGM can be found on the right of this page.
You need the ID and Password to access these three documents which you should be receiving in the post if you have not already received them by now. By accessing these documents you undertake not to share with people who are not members of U3A Luton. The AGM has been rescheduled for 24 August 2020 which will also be via the Zoom platform and we hope as many of you will advise Winnie our Secretary that you will be attending so that we can be quorate and use our voting structure. Your Executive has been working very hard so please do support us. We will not be able to stage the meeting if we are not quorate. We need 150 of you to tell us you are going to attend.

For up-to-date information on the coronavirus advice visit and please follow advice from the government on a daily basis.

Will the monthly general meetings take place?

We have now booked virtual presentations via Zoom technology platform for the rest of the year and into 2021. Please see the Events page.

please regularly visit : and our voicemail which you can hear by calling 01582 803923 – where you can also leave a message. Please check these for updated information as they are the most effective ways we have of keeping you informed. Thank you.

Note: renewal forms for 21/22 will be in the next edition (January 2021) of 'In Touch' and will need to be returned to the membership secretary by post with a SAE whilst meetings are suspended. Please carry on supporting your u3a Luton, so that we can resume as soon as possible once the Government allow us to.

Will U3A activity groups continue to meet?

In line with government advice, some groups keep in touch using various social media, virtual meetings and telephone. In the meantime, group leaders and hosts can decide on an individual basis how to stay in touch. Government advice at present is such that none of us are allowed to meet up.

We respect that many individual members are practising “social distancing” but there are many on line activities which you can find to do by looking at our website and facebook page. All Group Contacts are listed in the newsletter. Please check that your Group Leader has your up to date contact telephone number or email.

When will U3A activities start again?

Government advice is changing all the time so you should keep yourself aware of changes. However, we will follow advice and only resume meetings when it is safe to do so. The u3a Luton Drop-In Day is now 2 June 2021. In the meantime please stay in touch with your U3A friends by phone, email or social media and maybe groups can think about having online games or discussions to continue their activities. To find out what the national virtual U3A can offer, check out (An extra membership fee applies).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
With all good wishes from the u3a Luton Executive.


There is now a Facebook page for our U3A Luton. You have to answer a simple question to join it so if you use Facebook please take a look and join it. It is a private site however and only available to our paid up members. It would be good to get as many of our members joining in as possible. As time goes on Hilary and I will be adding as much as we can to keep you all in touch with what is happening in other U3As and helping you through these difficult times. search for U3A Luton to join

This area is for paid up members only and to access most documents you will need a user name and password which will only be available on request from the webmaster (use contact page to email me). This information will be changed frequently for security purposes.

By requesting these details, members will automatically undertake not to divulge the user and password information to any third party, which is in line with the GDPR regulations {General Data Protection Regulation}.

I hope your access to the information contained herewith will allow you to see the hard work undertaken by your Committee, by seeing cover of meetings and that you will have more transparency.

For now stay safe and well.

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