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This page is still very much work in progress so please be patient. If there is anything you would like to see added please contact me (webmaster) and let me know.

For up-to-date information on the coronavirus advice visit and please follow advice from the government on a daily basis.

Will the monthly general meeting take place?

In order to help our vulnerable age group to stay away from large gatherings we have cancelled these meetings indefinitely. June 1st AGM (now will be rescheduled for 24 August 2020)

please regularly visit : and our voicemail which you can hear by calling 01582 803923 – where you can also leave a message. Please check these for updated information as they are the most effective ways we have of keeping you informed. Thank you.

Note: renewal forms will need to be sent by post with a SAE whilst meetings are suspended.

Will U3A activity groups continue to meet?

In line with government advice, some groups keep in touch using various social media, virtual meetings and telephone. In the meantime, group leaders and hosts can decide on an individual basis how to stay in touch. Government advice recently change. Please look on the groups page for information and see if you need to access the Risk Assessment which is downloadable.

We respect that many individual members are practising “social distancing” but there are many on line activities which you can find to do by looking at our website and facebook page. All Group Contacts are listed in the newsletter. Please check that your Group Leader has your up to date contact telephone number or email.

When will U3A activities start again if they are suspended?

Government advice suggested that the outbreak would not peak until May or June and as at w/c many restrictions are now easing. However, we will follow advice and only resume meetings when it is safe to do so. We also need to move our U3A Drop-In Day to 2 June 2021. In the meantime please stay in touch with your U3A friends by phone, email or social media and maybe groups can think about having online games or discussions to continue their activities. To find out what the national virtual U3A can offer, check out (An extra membership fee applies).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
With all good wishes from the U3A Luton Executive.


There is now a facebook page for our Luton U3A. You have to answer a simple question to join it so if you use facebook please take a look and join it. It would be good to get as many of our members joining in as possible. As time goes on Hilary and I will be adding as much as we can to keep you all in touch with what is happening in other U3As and helping you through these difficult times. search for Luton U3A to join

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By requesting these details, members will automatically undertake not to divulge the user and password information to any third party, which is in line with the GDPR regulations {General Data Protection Regulation}.

I hope your access to the information contained herewith will allow you to see the hard work undertaken by your Committee, by seeing cover of meetings and that you will have more transparency.

A Tribute from our Chairman

You all will be sad to learn that Kate passed away a few days ago and whilst we on the Executive Committee who have worked closely with her for a long time, many of you members of Luton U3A have not had that privilege, so Gina, our hardworking Web Master suggested that perhaps I could write a note about her that she could publish on our Web site.

Kate had been responsible for arranging our speakers for the past twelve years and in fact carrying that task on whilst she herself had been seriously ill with cancer. In fact it was after a recent spell in the L & D and followed by a short time in The Keech Hospice that Kate was called home, with her two daughters and Ted Andrews present. Her son lives in the USA so wasn’t able to be there at the end.

Some of you know that I had over thirty years’ service as a Full-Time Officer in The Salvation Army, which meant that as a Minister-of-religion I conducted Rites of Passage for our members and friends. Actually we often still use military style language in our ceremonies, one of which in particular is very suitable for people like Kate, when we speak of them as being Promoted to Glory. We can’t describe her passing any better than that of her being so.

It’s only when you look at what she has been involved in, that you realise just how much she has done for Luton U3A. For example it was in 2007 that she took over the role of Speakers Secretary from Ted and booked our speakers from 2008 through and including 2020 and what terrific job she did.

She was also involved with the groups, such as London History 2, Trips r Us, Geology and Storytelling to name but a few.

We, on the Committee, shall miss her personality, wit and intelligence and all her input in to Luton U3A, and now she has been Promoted to Glory - we can say from the bottom of our hearts - Good and faithful servant, well done.

Now we need to replace her and would appreciate a member volunteering to do that with help from the Committee.
Gerald R Peacock – Major Chair Luton U3A

Kate did not want flowers at her funeral but a 'Just Giving' page has been set up if you would like to contribute.


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