Going Green!

A small step!

Just a small contribution from Luton U3A! From now on the cups we use for hospitality events will no longer be polystyrene with plastic holders but will be bio-degradable, compostable AND recyclable! They are made from sustainable bamboo which is now used in so many items to replace plastic etc.

If your group uses 'paper' or polystyrene' cups why not think about changing now?! Amazon have them on their site and if you want to know the ones I have bought then here's the link, just paste it into your browse bar : 

As a result, I have quite a number of the plastic holders up for grabs. If your group would like them please let me know and I can pass them on rather than throw them away.  

PS. Let me know if any of your groups are going, or have gone 'green' and how!