OS Maps by Phil Bray

Information I recently discovered about OS maps
from Phil Bray

I recently purchased an OS explorer map with a digital extra and did not realise what I was buying. I suspect many other walkers are equally unaware of what is now available. The OS explorer maps come in several versions, one is the standard 1:25,000 map, highlighting footpaths and bridleways. For an extra eight pounds you also get, among other things, a digital version of the same map to download to your mobile phone or i-pad.

With this feature on your mobile phone you have:

• the convenience of not having to carry and care for a large sheet of paper in the wind and rain

• ability to zoom in and out to see more detail or a larger area

• the opportunity to record your walk with a statement of how far you walked and how long it took

• links to a vast number of walks, free for public use, offered by members of the public

If you would like to walk on your own or lead a group, this will give you more options:

• the opportunity to add your walk to the OS records so others could enjoy it

• the opportunity to plot a route that you might walk, run or cycle and it will tell you the distance,
height climbed and probable time

• a built in global positioning arrow saying “you are here”

I was amazed to discover that it also includes:

• another version without highlighted footpaths or bridleways, covering the whole country, which also
shows the “you are here” arrow so if you are happy to navigate by mobile phone or i-pad you need never ever be lost again. The facility to plot a possible route is also available on this version.

• a Google earth view covering the whole country

• a version which highlights green spaces

If you want to be a bit more daring you could also buy a version for night time use, who is up for a midnight walk?

Allowing that I am not the most computer competent person it is quite possible that I have yet to discover other features, if you know of something I have missed please tell me.

November 2019