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Principles of u3a: to understand the general ethos of u3a please have a look here: u3a Principles.
You can find out more about the forming of the u3a on the national website but you can also read about us here: LRU3A History

The 'London Region of U3As' (LRU3A) is a Regional Network of independent u3as operating within the London area. We exist for the mutual benefit of London u3as and their members. There are currently 44 u3as in the London Region totalling nearly 26,000 members. Individuals become members of the 'London Region of U3As' by virtue of their membership of a constituent London u3a.

  • LRU3A: this presentation (click here: Introduction to LRU3A) puts the 'London Region of U3As' into a national context, as well as describing the activities and benefits of regional and local networking.
  • London Region Membership Statistics in Context: this presentation (click here: Membership Stats) puts into context latest and trend data for u3a membership in London and other regions.

Please use the tabs above to explore the pages on our site. Click on the tab entitled London u3as to find out more about individual u3as in the London area. If you want to join one of these u3as or contact them, use the links on that page.

Third Age Trust: to access the national u3a website, click on the 'u3a' logo at the top right of any of our pages.

u3as in the London area are invited to nominate two 'Delegates' to represent them at quarterly meetings of the London Region of U3As (LRU3A). Click here: DELEGATES for further information.

Our Aims & Objectives are:

  • To support all u3as in the London area in the advancement of education and, in particular, the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work
  • To support the exchange of experience and knowledge amongst u3as, and with the Third Age Trust.
  • To encourage and support u3a growth and development in the London Area,
  • To support the overall aims and objectives of the u3a movement and the Third Age Trust.
  • To promote the diversity of membership

What We Do

  • Provide a forum in which all u3as in the London area have the opportunity to liaise with each other and with the Third Age Trust.
  • Initiate and support jointly organised activities that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of u3as in the London area and enhance the u3a experience of their members.
  • Promote effective communications and act as a focal point of contact and information about u3a activities in the London Area.
  • Forge and expand links with educational, Third Age, and other relevant organisations for the benefit of all u3as in the London Area and their members, and to ensure a strong representation of the u3a movement in the London Area.
  • Facilitate the election of the London Region Trustee and support the work of the Regional Trustee, Trust staff, and specially trained u3a volunteers,

The full Constitution of the 'London Region of U3As' is available through this link: Constitution See also recent advice re AGMs here: Delay to AGMs
Being a network we are also linked to the Third Age Trust through our Network Affiliation Agreement
You can also see a copy of our Privacy Policy here: LRU3A Privacy Policy
Committee Members and Other Representatives:
To see who is currently on the Executive Committee, our sub-committees and other representatives, see: LRU3A Committee Members. For individual role descriptions click here: Role Description Register. You can use the CONTACT page to email any Committee member directly.

We are Recruiting: we need your help, could you help run LRU3A. We have a number of positions vacant. Follow the link to find out more details and contact us if you are in any way intested. Thankyou. LRU3A Vacancies
U3A Networks and Groupings: To learn more about other networks and groupings of u3as in the London area, click here: NETWORKS & OTHER GROUPINGS OF u3as

In the News - To see how and where u3a is in the media have a look at our IN THE NEWS page.
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