London Region of U3As


A core objective of LRU3A is to assist London Region u3as in sharing knowledge across the region. This webpage is intended to be used for information generated by LRU3A or an individual U3As to be shared across the Region.

On this page we will post Shared Practice Guides (SPGs) and Peer Group information.
Shared Practice: As stated in the LRU3A Constitution, one of our aims is to support and help u3as to be more effective and efficient. So our intention is that we build up a collection of material highlighting good practice on particular subjects relevant to all our London Region u3as - shared learning. These SPGs will be developed jointly by the u3as in London and LRU3A. These will be in addition to, rather than replacing, any advice provided through the national website.
The SPGs created to date are as listed below. We hope you will use them, shae them, and contribute to building on the subject and with any updates required.
- SPG001-Cloud Storage revised & updated
- SPG002-Volunteering see also material from recent workshop: Recruiting and Valuing Volunteers
- SPG003-Website Software Programs
- SPG004-Communications
- SPG005-Beacon Tutorial for Coordinators
- SPG006-Induction of New Members
- SPG007-Induction of Trustees
- SPG008-Online Meetings Software
- SPG009-Zoom Guide for Hosts
- SPG010-Zoom Guide for Participants
- SPG011-Copyright Matters
- SPG012-Forming a Peer Group

While not SPGs, the following documents can be taken as such:
Zoom isn't the only online video platfrom. SPG008 details some of the other options. One of these is Google Meet. If you are intested in finding out more or giving this a try here is a helpful guide from South East London: Google Meet Guide
For those not able to use Zoom, or just wanting audio, then a free telephone system is available called 'WhyPay?'. A guide for it's use is available here: WhyPay
Coming out of lockdown we are being encouraged to do a 'Risk Assessment' (RA). This presentation helps explain what an RA is and how to undertake one: Risk Assessment Guide
For Committees to review overal status of their u3a: Health Check WORD or Health Check EXCEL
For Treasurers: Finance Presentation and the Trust's Sample Finance Policy template can be downloaded from /Advice/Finance
For a summary of u3a Trustee responsibilities please look here: Trustee Jigsaw
For information on how to use the brand see: u3a Brand Guidelines
Thinking about setting up a website for your u3a and want to know how to use the supplied generic 'Site Builder' program, look here: Site Builder Guide.
For a good summary and guide on GDPR see the Trust's YouTube Know about GDPR.
Have you got Role Descriptions in place for all your main positions, Committee roles and others? If not the following listing might give you some 'go-bys' to set up your own: Role Description Listing

Guidance for Getting Together Online: due to the sudden popularity (and need) for an online means of carrying on U3A activities, The u3a Office has produced some guidance to help you organise and participate in online group discussions and meetings using free software apps such as ZOOM, WHYPAY, and Facebook closed groups here: How to guidance

In addition to the two SPGs on Zoom above for further guidance see here: Zoom Tutorial

LRU3A has a Zoom Pro account with the add-on for Large Participants meetings. This is available for London Region u3as. You can check availablity here: Zoom Account If your u3a wants to book a slot please email our Communications Coordinator (details on our CONTACTS page).

If you need further help, please contact your IT/Webmaster.
For information about various computer 'stuff' a good site created by Ravenshead u3a can be seen here: Computer Guides

The national u3a website also has other useful templates and guidance. These can be viewed under the Advice and Resources tabs.

Apart from commenting on any the above documents, if there are any other particular subjects you would like to suggest for creation of a SPG, please drop the Webeditor an email, via our CONTACT web page. Thanks.
Peer Groups: these are groupings of members holding similar committee or other responsibilities within their u3a. They exist for mutual support, discussing common issues, learning from each other and developing best practise across the London Region. See the approved Proposal here: 19.04 Proposal Peer Groups. There are currently three Peer Groups currently operating and a fourth in planning.

Support Package for Peer Group Networks

Information generated by each of these Peer Networks is shown on the sub-sections below:
News Editors Peer Network: this had it's first kick off meeting on 30 November 2020. Apart from general discussions there was a presentation from Liz Drury on the principles of good communications and from Jean Jackson on the use of social media. The relevant presentations and material can be viewed here:
- Recording Editors Peer Meeting
- Introduction
- Communicating with Members
- Using Social Media
- Editors Peer Meeting Poll Result

Group Coordinators Peer Network:
Next meeting: details to be published later.

October 2020:

General document for interest:

July 2020 Meeting:

April 2020 Meeting:

This network kicked off with a Launch Event on 7th February. The following documents were discussed:

IT/ Webmaster Peer Network: the group does most of it's communication on-line but occasionally they meet for face-to-face meetings or Zoom online meetings.

In January 2020 London Region's IT/Webmaster Peer Group held a Beacon Workshop. This covered: An Introduction/Overview; a live web demo of current Beacon functionality; a presentation of the upgrade programme for Beacon. See the following files for more info:
Beacon Workshop Welcome
Beacon Overview
Beacon - the Future

For general information about Beacon please visit the site: About Beacon

The Peer Network has also set up a Competency register so that queries recieved can be casccaded to the most appropriate member.
Treasurers Peer Network: if you are interested in joining and supporting the Treasurers' group please complete and send of this form: Treasurers Network Application Form