London Region of U3As

External Calls For Research Participants

Birbeck University: recruiting participants for a research project investigating the influence of physical fitness and cognitive reserve on executive and olfactory functioning. More information here: Dissertation Hearing
Removal date: 24/7/19
VOICE at Imperial College: this is a great opportunity for anyone interested in getting involved in health research. It's different from the usual requests as it's not for a specific project. VOICE, which has been running for years in Newcastle, working with U3As in the North East, has now come to London in partnership with Imperial College. To take part, first register with VOICE@Imperial and you'll get a weekly email about events in London and online. Most of their work is based at the Patient Experience Research Centre (PERC) at St.Mary's, Paddington. You can take part in any that interest you and ignore those that don't. Have a look for more details here: VOICE Flyer. There are lots of other opportunities at VOICE, such as discussion groups, blogs and other opportunities to get involved.
Removal date: 4/7/19
Thames Festival Trust, Barking Stink: request for volunteers for a local history project. Dagenham U3A members have just become involved in the project which is in partnership with the Thames Festival and Valence House Museum in the borough of Barking and Dagenham. We are seeking research volunteers but also people who have worked in industries in Barking who are willing to be interviewed as part of the oral history recording. More information here: Thames Festival and here: Barking Stink Poster
Removal date: 14/8/19
Alzheimers Research UK: we are a research team at University College London planning a study funded by Alzheimers Research UK. This study will help us learn more about how people navigate and, specifically, how peoples' abilities to navigate decline with age. We previously ran this study with a young sample in both Covent Garden and in Paris. Now we aim to replicate this study with an older sample.

We hope some of your members may be interested in participating to help AD research. The study will be run during the day on Tuesdays and consists of playing a few levels of a mobile app game followed by a fun walk around Covent Garden (approximately 40-50 minutes of walking) Participants will be compensated for their time and also provided with tea and biscuits before or after).

We are reaching out to your organization with the hope that you might find this study to be of interest to some of your members. Further information on the flyer: AD Research. If you are interested please use the following contact information:

Sarah Goodroe
M: 07763 870717
Removal date: 4/6/19
From U3A National Office: We are often asked to publicise research studies and trials to our members. Where we do so it is because we believe it may be of interest to you and we are not endorsing or promoting the research study in any way. U3A has not undertaken any checks or due diligence on the relevant department or the study and accepts no liability whatsoever if you decide to agree to participate. If you choose to take part in any study you do so at your own risk and in your own capacity (and not as member of U3A). You should make sure that you understand all the risks associated with any study before you sign up and ensure that you understand the time commitment, any restrictions and possible side effects. You should also ensure that you will be insured as part of the study.