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Welcome to London Region Shared Learning Projects: The Coordinator for Shared Learning Projects in the London Region is Jo Walters. If you are not already on the SLP Mailing list and would like your name added for advance notification of SLPs please send a request to: U3A SLP Subscribe. For other SLP-related enquiries contact Jo - her details are on the CONTACT page.
New or Ongoing SLPs:
Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway: Building the Archive Most people have a fascination with steam trains. This project will appeal to railway buffs and also give curious people an opportunity to understand how an archive is built up. The project will run from September 2019 to early 2020. Ian Jones-Healey is a very experienced and encouraging archivist who always makes historical investigation both fun and a true learning experience. Please read the flyer for all the details: H&K Railway Archive. An application form is available here: SLP H&K Railway Application Form

Uncovering The Lives of 17th Century Londoners: Petitions to 10 Downing Street are not a new thing. In the 17th Century, people commonly used petitions to make their voices heard. We are looking for a group of curious volunteers to discover who these petitioners were and to find out more about their lives and communities. The petitions are all based on the Westminster area and (thankfully) have already been transcribed. The project will run from September 2019 to February 2020, with the first get together in early September. Please read the flyer for a lot more detail here: Uncovering Lives. Peter Cox ( ) or Jo Walters ( ) are happy to answer any queries you have. An application form is available here: Uncovering Lives Application Form. The closing date for this project will be July 15th 2019.

6th SLP at Langdon Down Museum: Normansfield and the written word: Correspondence and Newspapers.
This project will run from September 2019 - initially to the end of 2019. We have a small group of researchers who have taken part in previous SLPs with the expert support of the museum curator. They would be delighted for a few more people to join the group. You will find it a friendly and supportive environment. No previous experience needed.
Please see the flyer for full details here: 6th Langdon. Application Form available here: 6th Langdon Application Form. Do contact us if you have any questions.

Old Hampstead Town Hall In collaboration with Wac Arts, who are the present owners of Hampstead Old Town Hall, we are currently investigating the building's history and architecture. WacArts is holding an open weekend: 27th, 28th and 29th July. The U3A volunteers will be displaying their findings on Saturday 28th July. All welcome.

575 Wandsworth Road: January – March 2019. This is a SW Consortium SLP. 5 volunteers. Leader - Helen Long.
This group is working with the National Trust looking at the history of this house and its interior over 200 years. Changes in the local area from Georgian times to present day have been investigated. Presentation date to be announced.
Update for London Region of U3As Shared Learning Projects: Shared Learning Projects (SLPs) provide an opportunity for U3A members to work in partnership with institutions such as museums, galleries, universities, libraries, archives, stately homes and institutes. We offer our time, energy and expertise in return for an opportunity to engage actively in research or some other enterprise to the mutual benefit of all involved. We also have lots of fun.

Nearly all Shared Learning Projects are developed from personal contacts with the institution concerned, rather than 'cold calls', so if you are a volunteer, have contacts at a suitable institution, or just have a suggestion for an SLP, please contact Jo Walters straight away! See CONTACT tab for details.

SLP with Royal Philatelic Society London: a 6th SLP with RPSL was organised to coincide with their 150 year anniversary. This contributed to a temporary exhibition illustrating highlights in the history of the Society. The volunteers on this project presented their findings at RPSL on 31st July. The exhibition was open until 2nd November 2018. It will be on display at the International Philatelic Exhibition in Stockholm in May 2019.For more information click here: SLP Royal Philatelic Soc.
"Highlights of No 41 Devonshire Place" Temporary Exhibition.. Quotes from the volunteers:-
"This was my first experience as a U3A volunteer at a Shared Learning Project. I had wanted to engage in something of interest and outside my sphere of knowledge which is why I chose this project connected with the RSPL and the exhibition launch. It’s been an engaging experience for me, researching a subject which is so specialised has opened my eyes to the complexities of taking part in such a project." U3A volunteer, Larry SLP Royal Philatelic Soc. Sequeira

"Until I did this project I did not realise that there was so much involved in “stamp collecting” and what an interesting history The Royal Philatelic Society London has. The opportunity to research and handle the Society’s precious objects has been a unique experience. U3A volunteer, Carole Haskel
Photo: (R-L) Museum Chairman Bill Hedley, U3A Volunteers, Curator Juliet Turk, SLP Coordinator Jo Walters

Charterhouse - Great Chamber: guided by Cathy Ross from the London Metropolitan Archives, a team of volunteers from Islington U3A collaborated with volunteers from the Charterhouse to investigate details of life for the pensioners and scholars in the seventeenth century and researched the work (and complaints) of staff members. The findings were showcased at the Charterhouse on 7th February 2019. The project underlines the Charterhouse’s commitment to sharing its heritage assets with the public in a way that maximises public engagement and enjoyment. Our thanks to Cynthia Adobea-Aidoo for her leadership and encouragement. A full report of their findings is provided for information here: SLP Charterhouse3

Smithfield and its Residents in the Year of the Great Plague, 1665: This project was completed on 29th March when the U3A team gave a presentation to Brothers and Volunteers of the Charterhouse and to other interested people. See the photographs below. For more information click here: SLP - Plague Flyer See also a poem on the subject here SLP 1665 Plague Poem

Researching Citizenship in the UK: There have been 48 contributions from U3A members which will be contributing to GCSE options such as AQA's Power and the People c1170 to present and OCR's Power: Monarchy and Democracy c1000 to 2007 and to MOOCS. All on the blog page.
There are 2 more Research days planned for this summer. See the website site at: Citizens 800
Below you can see full reports per year but its always good to know that some projects have a legacy which carries on. See a brief update on the WPH project of 2017 here: Pioneering Courage Film. We rarely report on anything about volunteers who take on new roles within an organisation and continue to contribute to research etc.

For a report on the year 2018-19 click here: SLP Report, 2018-19
For a report on the year 2017-18 click here: SLP Report, 2017-18.
For a report on the activities in the year 2016-17 click here: SLP Report, 2016-17.

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