London Region of U3As

Networks & Other Groupings of U3As

Networks, etc: There are several types of U3A networks, forums, clusters, consortiums, etc. formed by U3As for mutual benefit. These operate independently of the Trust’s Governance structure. The London Region of U3As is a regional grouping of U3As in the London area, but there are also other groupings established by London U3As for mutual support at a more local level. Individual
U3As may belong to one or more local ‘network’ or grouping for mutual support according to their needs and requirements. The current existing networks are (network link shown where they have their own website):
• North London Network
• North West London Network
• Greater London South East Network (webiste here Greater London South East Network)
• Surrey U3A Network (website here Surrey U3A Network)
• South of Thames Network
• SW London Network
• BOB (Bromley, Orpington and Beckenham) Network

London Region of U3As: A PowerPoint presentation which puts the London Region of U3As into a national context, as well as describing the activities and benefits of regional and local networking can be viewed here: London Region Presentation

Network Link Meetings:
It is estimated that there are currently about 70 networks and other ‘groupings’ across the UK. These have developed informally as a means of mutual support outside the governance of the Trust. Recognising the need for better communication with and between such groupings, the Trust has begun facilitating informal 6-monthly national meetings, with one representative invited from each grouping. Catherine Ware has been invited to attend as Chair of the London Region of U3As. Below are links to key documents for each meeting:

Network Link Meeting 21 November 2017:

Network Link meeting 01 May 2018: