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This page gives information to support LRU3A Delegates in their role.
What is the Role of a Delegate?
Each U3A is invited to nominate two named Delegates to represent their interests at regional and national levels through active participation in the London Region of U3As.
The quarterly Delegate meetings are attended by the LRU3A Executive Committee and London Region Trustee, and Delegates from U3As across London. Other members may attend as observers/guests at the discretion of Executive Committee.
Participation in regional meetings offers opportunities to:
• Speak directly to Committee members, Regional Trustee and other Delegates
• Catch up on regional and national news
• Ask questions, make suggestions
• Discuss problems and exchange ideas about best practice
• Decide on and help to implement useful, cost-effective regional activities
• Listen to guest speakers
• Communicate with the Trust via the Regional Trustee
• Benefit from Trust funds for regional activities
• Support and promote U3A activities at a regional level
• Vote for Regional Trustee and other issues of regional interest (one vote per U3A)

For further information on the role of a Delegate click here: Delegates Role

A key aspect of above is communications. In July 2017 LRU3A conducted a survey to gauge how effective its communications channels were in getting information to all the London U3As. You can see the results here: Communications Survey Results 2017

Are You Getting the Best from Membership of the London Region of U3As?
This depends on the active participation of Delegates and other members of U3As across London. Please ask your Delegates to raise any points of interest or concern at one of the meetings or via the contacts page on this website. Please also make sure your Delegates are providing feedback from meetings, and passing on information about events and other opportunities.

To assist with communication, please the ensure the Committee is kept up to date with the names and contact details of your Chairs and Delegates, by emailing the Membership Secretary - see the CONTACT page.
Dates and Venues of Future Delegates Meetings:

  • Friday 1st November. Registration & free networking lunch 12.30-1.30pm. Meeting 1.30-4.30pm. At Canada Water Library (Rooms 5&6), 21 Surrey Quays Road SE 16 7AR. Directly above Canada Water station. Canada Water Map. Meeting will include AGM. Guest speaker: Ian McCannah, Chair of the Third Age Trust, will give a talk entitled "New Decade: New Horizons for U3A". Followed by discussions. NB: Maximum room capacity is 60 -- enough for one Delegate per U3A (44), plus LRU3A Committee members, Regional Trustee, Guest Speaker, 3 local network representatives, Summer School Chair and SLP Coordinator. If you are unable to attend, please notify Jo Livingston. We will maintain a waiting list for additional Delegates in case there are any vacancies.

Papers from Previous Delegates Meetings: To read what was covered in previous meetings use the links in the Delegates Meetings Archive
Shared Practice: As stated in the LRU3A Constitution, one of our aims is to support and help U3As to be more effective and efficient. The intention is that we build up a collection of material highlighting good practice on particular subjects relevant to all our London Region U3As - shared learning. These Shared Practice Guides (SPG) will be developed between the U3As in London and LRU3A. These will be in addition to, rather than replacing, any 'Advice' provided through the national website.
To kick-off this intiative some topics have been chosen (as listed below) and very preliminary drafts have been created on the first two topics. These two need developing with input from Delegates and, if appropriate, your U3As members. Comments on the following suggested specific topics and the first two drafts are welcome:
- SPG01-Cloud Storage
- SPG02-Volunteering see also material from recent workshop: Recruiting and Valuing Volunteers
- SPG03-Communications
- SPG04-Beacon Tutorial for Group Coordinators/Convenors

While not SPGs as such, the following documents can be taken as such:
For Committees to review overal status of their U3A: Health Check WORD or Health Check EXCEL
For Treasurers: Finance Presentation

Apart from commenting on any the above documents, if there are any other particular subjects you would like to suggest for creation of a SPG, please drop the Webeditor an email, via our CONTACT web page. Thanks.

For a summary of U3A's Trustees responsibilities please look here: Trustee Jigsaw
Peer Groups: another initiative that LRU3A is promoting is to try to get some peer groups, peer networks up and running. These would share common issues and develop best practise across the London Region. There are currently two Peer Groups operating:

  • IT/ Webmasters (contact Derek Harwood at for information)
  • Treasurers (contact William Smith at for information)

If you are interested in joining and supporting the Treasurers' group please complete and send of this form: Treasurers Network Application Form
The next Peer Group we are trying to launch will be for Groups' Coordinators. Watch this space for further information on this.
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Ideas for London Region Activities: if you have any ideas for activities at future Delegate meetings, Workshops or other regional activities, please submit your suggestions to the LR Chair via email on the CONTACT page. You can also use the form here: Delegates-Ideas for Regional Activities. Analysis of responses received so far can be seen here: Suggested Activities-Response Analysis
Speakers List: Do you want a tried-and-tested speaker to talk to your U3A or your interest group? Jo Livingston has compiled a list of speakers from London Region U3As covering a wide range of subjects. To obtain the list email Jo Livingston through the CONTACT page.
THIRD AGE TRUST's LONDON REGION, To see more information use the tab at the top of the page or click here: THE LONDON REGION.
To see what support exists regionally and nationally for various U3A learning activities have a look at some options on our LEARNING page.