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Peer Support Groups

Peer Groups: these are groupings of members holding similar committee or other responsibilities within their u3a. They exist for mutual support, discussing common issues, learning from each other and developing best practise across the London Region. See the approved Proposal here: 19.04 Proposal Peer Groups. There are currently four Peer Groups currently operating:

Interest Group Coordinators Contacts: Liz Day at
IT/ Webmasters: contact Derek Harwood at
Treasurers: contact John Bent at
Communicators: Rodney Fox at

- Support Package for Peer Support Groups

Information generated by each of these Peer Networks is shown on the sub-sections below:
Communicators Peer Support Group:

June 2021: this was the third meeting for this peer group. The agenda focussed on many aspects of u3a Outreach, including working with partners, to help raise the image of our u3as and also attract new members. You can view the following from this meeting:
- 2021June Minutes
- Outreach Presentation

April 2021: the agenda for this meeting concentrated on 'Public Relations'. You can view the following from this meeting:
- 2021Apr Minutes
- PR Comms. Presentation
and there is useful link to some supporting material: PR Handbook.

February 2021: this was the launch meeting for this peer group. The two breakout sssions looked at Communication with Members and Planning for the Group's future. The relevant documents can be found here:
- Feb. Agenda & Intro
- Feb. Comms PG Minutes
- Feb. Presentation Newsletters

November 2020: Apart from general discussions there was a presentation from Liz Drury on the principles of good communications and from Jean Jackson on the use of social media. The relevant presentations and material can be viewed here:
- Recording Editors Peer Meeting
- Introduction
- Communicating with Members
- Using Social Media
- Editors Peer Meeting Poll Result

Group Coordinators Peer Support Group:
Date of the next meeting is 13th Sept 2021.
For general reference and use see examples of Risk Assessments on our SHARING webpage.

April 2021:
- Meeting Notes Apr2021
- News Report Apr2021
- Resuming Activities Safely

January 2021:
- Meeting Notes Jan2021

October 2020:
- Meeting Notes Oct2020
- Planning for the Future
- After Meeting Discussions
- Advice for Re-starting Interest Groups

General document for interest:
- Worcester u3a COVID Sentiment Survey

July 2020:
- Meeting Notes July 2020
- Groups Coordinators Survey

April 2020:
- Meeting Notes April 2020
- Encouraging Technical Innovation
- Climate Change

This network kicked off with a Launch Event on 7th February. The following documents were discussed:
- Groups Coordinator Network Launch Prog
- H & M Learning Styles Questionnaire
- H & M Learning Styles Handout
- Pedagogy v. Andragogy
- The Learning Committee Presentation
- Learning Development Plan
- Groups Coordinator Role Description
- Event Launch Notes

IT/ Webmaster Peer Support Group: the group does most of it's communication by email but occasionally they meet for face-to-face meetings or Zoom online meetings.

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In January 2020 London Region's IT/Webmaster Peer Support Group held a Beacon Workshop. This covered: An Introduction/Overview; a live web demo of current Beacon functionality; a presentation of the upgrade programme for Beacon. See the following files for more info:
- Beacon Workshop Welcome
- Beacon Overview
- Beacon - the Future

For general information about Beacon please visit the site: About Beacon

The Peer Network has also set up a Competency register so that queries received can be casccaded to the most appropriate member.
Treasurers Peer Support Group: if you are interested in joining and supporting the Treasurers' group please complete and send of this form: Treasurers Network Application Form Treasurers Network Application Form