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For both Arun West & Littlehampton U3As

Bulletin w/c 21 March 2020


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Jim Cox, Chair of Littlehampton U3A has received the message below:

Coronavirus Alert
Please be aware that one of the members who attended the Arun West Monthly Talk at Yapton Village Hall on Wednesday March 11th was taken ill on Saturday and has now been confirmed with the Virus.
If you attended that meeting you should now consider self isolation and contact 111 if you have symptoms.
Best wishes, Glyn White, Chair Arun West U3A

Editor’s note:
We're in strange times and this Bulletin illustrates that.

Although each of our Network U3A's have slightly different notices for their members, they do convey much the same messages, so instead of filtering them appropriately to Littlehampton and Arun West as I would normally do, I'm putting them all in one Bulletin so that no matter which U3A you belong to, you can read what the other U3A is saying - there's nothing personal or confidential here, and I hope that all contributors will forgive me for not seeking their permission first - it was a late decision.

This first batch is from Arun West:

All Arun West U3A groups and meetings, including Coffee Mornings and Monthly Talks, are suspended until further notice. Also the lunch at the Beachcroft - I have emailed all members who had paid.

Please stay in touch with your group members and group leaders.
Remember, we may be social distancing but there is no need for anyone to feel isolated or lonely.

To try and keep us all together and interacting socially (even if only virtually) we have set up a Facebook Group where you can meet other Arun West members for a chat or to post something interesting. It is a private group so only Arun West members can join. It is called Arun West U3A. ...See you there!
If you are not on FB, don’t be scared. It is easy to join, you don't have to give loads of personal details, and you don’t have to participate at first –but you can see what everyone else is up to.

Copy & paste this link to have a look:

We suggest that all groups stay in touch with each other by email or Whatsapp.
We are currently looking at more ways to keep our Arun West U3A community in touch.

PLEASE let us stay in touch with you all via our Beacon email system. PLEASE open our emails to you, check in your "Spam" folder.
Use the website or your copy of the Directory to contact us.
Please be aware that on the back page of the Directory, the email address for Teresa Gess, our Membership Secretary should read:

Stay well and stay in touch, Masha.

We are compiling a list of anyone who can offer help of any kind in this difficult time.
Of course, quite a few of our members will be "confined to barracks" but we can still help by staying in touch with those who have no internet, sending emails etc.
Those people who have not yet reached the "elderly" (cheek!) threshold, obviously, we would like to hear from you!
This will be an ongoing thing. It's early days yet. We will need to also make a list of those members on their own who would welcome a phone call or need other distance help.
Please contact Masha, via Arun West website Contacts page especially if you have any ideas!
Julie (Groups coordinator) and I are compiling a list which we will send out shortly Masha White.


These are from Littlehampton:

In light of the circumstances we are experiencing we would like Members to keep in touch with each other.

Volunteers who are willing to communicate with members by phone / email or help others in any way, please contact us via the email links below.
We will then hopefully put you in touch with people who may need some help.

There could be Members who may be lonely or self-isolating. If this is your situation and you require some help or just want someone to speak to, please contact the links below who will try to get someone to contact you.

If you are aware of anyone who doesn't have access to email or needs assistance in any way please try and help them.
Jim Cox, Chairman email:
Val Pool, Business Secretary email:

Things to fill your day:
Some members might like to write a review of their latest best read - (we can put them in Bulletin or on our website)

It’s important to keep active - time to do all those jobs in the garden. If you have a greenhouse you can start seedlings off etc. Walking is still possible as long as you keep your distance from others - all will understand the need to do this social distancing.

If you have some spare time, why not do a bit of knitting/crochet in a good cause?
This activity can be done in your home - the Group page on our website (there's a link below) explains how to help our future generations by providing blankets made up from 3 inch (75mm) squares, for the premature baby Unit. When the crisis is over these can be arranged to be forwarded to Stella Porter who will be only too pleased to make the knitted squares into these blankets.
Click on this link to go to the Group's page: Knitting at Home Group
Jim Cox Chair, Littlehampton U3A

A Message from Barry & Ruth Vidler:

As you know all our Groups are suspended at the moment and we will get things up and running again as soon as possible. If you would like to contact by email any friends from any Group that we run, just send an email to me and if we have their email in our records we will be able to forwarded it to them, and they will be able to contact you. All contact with our friends is going to be so important in the weeks ahead.
Please everyone keep safe and well, Barry and Ruth Vidler.

I have started making videos of our Tai Chi with the music and the first part is on YouTube now under the heading of U3A Littlehampton Tai Chi moves Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4. Link to them here: Tai Chi Groups, Ruth Vidler.

Editor: This is a great idea - does anyone else fancy doing something like this for their Group, or on any other subject?


The rest are for all:

If you haven't yet renewed your Membership, this will be the last Bulletin sent to you, so no need to Unsubscribe.
If you aren't renewing, we're sorry to see you go, and wish you well.

Whilst we're not able to meet in our usual way, it would be nice to know how you're filling in the time, and also how you're most likely to be affected by not being able to meet friends at Group meetings and Coffee mornings.

If you want to email me, I'd like to put your comments, observations, etc, in future editions of Bulletin. It might not be sent out every week, it will depend on whether there are any updates to the situation to inform you about, but in the absence of Group news it would be good to hear from you.....just a sentence or 3 would be fine! email address is below.
Derek Waite, Bulletin Editor.

.....and finally - Hands up all of you who said "I'm fed up with hearing about Brexit on the news - I wish they'd find something else to talk about"

Would Bulletin contributors please send their notices to me at:
Best Wishes, Derek Waite...(Bulletin Editor)
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