Using ZOOM

A number of groups were using the video conferencing facility ZOOM to hold meetings.

In order to participate in a Zoom meeting, you will require either a smartphone or tablet or a MacBook or PC/Laptop and if the latter, the PC needs to have a webcam, speakers and microphone (most laptops have them built in).  If you have a separate USB webcam, that is likely to have a microphone built in.

If you are hosting a meeting you will need to have a Zoom Account, these are free and you can hold meetings of up to 40 minutes with the free account. The link gives instructions on how to set up a meeting.

If you are joining a meeting you do not need to have a ZOOM account , just follow the steps below

Pre-meeting setup

It's best that you set your end of connection up a few minutes before the meeting is due to start. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, click on the meeting link you have been sent and it will take you to a page where you can download the app (free) for whichever device you use.

You may need your Apple ID (to access the app store) or Android Play logon details if you are using a tablet or mobile phone and will therefore need to download the relevant app. On a laptop or PC you will need to download a small file and install the app from there, typically by double clicking on the file.

As you go through the process you will be asked to allow use of your camera and microphone so that you can communicate with the meeting host (organiser, speaker), and so they can see you. Please select “Allow” in both cases.

Joining the meeting

A couple of minutes before the meeting start time re-click on the link in the invitation to join the meeting. The meeting organiser may open the meeting about 15 minutes before the planned start time. You will see either the organiser or the first slide of the presentation. Alternatively there may be a message saying the host will let you into the meeting shortly.

Other than the initial download you do NOT have to log in or sign up to anything else to join this meeting.
If the meeting will feature a presentation, to be able to best read the text on the slides the bigger the screen the better - laptops, PC monitors and large tablets. If you are using your smartphone, you may struggle to see the details of text and images, although you will still be able to hear.

If you can’t hear the speaker or the speaker can’t hear you please check settings on the device you are using to ensure that the microphone and speaker are enabled and volume levels high enough.

If you have problems setting up, you may like to try contacting our Tech Buddies group for further advice.