I had hoped that my first communication with you as Chairman would have been about something more cheerful than Coronavirus but, sadly, events have dictated otherwise. In discussions with all but one committee member who is abroad, the consensus of opinion was that we should cancel both the April and May General Meetings. This has been done. We will consider the viability of future general meetings in the light of developing events. I know that many interest groups have already been cancelled. This is in line with governmental advice. If any groups have not yet made a decision regarding the future of their group activities I would urge them to do so without delay as many of our members are considered to be in a high risk category – something I know that you don’t need me to tell you! Unfortunately the curtailment of group activities carries with it the threat of social isolation for a number of members. We should remember that keeping in touch with friends via the phone is easy and social media, although much maligned, quite often with good reason, can be useful in this respect. I like Skype for video calls with family – it’s free!

Newsletters would normally have been available for pick-up at the May General Meeting but all will now be posted. Andi, our editor, often has some difficulty in filling them. The unfortunate position we find ourselves in does present an opportunity for members to remedy this situation. In fact, preparing an article or poem for the newsletter could be a good way of keeping our minds active and of keeping boredom at bay. Think about it! Can we expect a thicker newsletter than usual in May? Submissions should be with Andi no later than 11th April.

Wishing you well for the future.

Brian Windsor

Our newsletter is published every three months, appearing at the beginning of February, May, August and November.