Our General Meetings are held during the morning of the first Tuesday of each month at The Memorial Hall, North Hykeham. The meeting proper begins at 10.30 a.m. and ends by 12.00 p.m. Prior to the meeting light refreshments are served by volunteers between 9.45 and 10.15 allowing members to meet and chat with friends. A charge of £1 is levied to help pay for the hall and speaker.

Dates for your Diary
Tue Oct 1st Tastes of Lincolnshire (Neil Curtis)
Curtis of Lincoln Ltd; history of Curtis’ business and information about products with opportunity to sample foods!
Tue Nov 5th In the footsteps of the Knights Templar (Martin Chapman)
The Knights Templar were members of a Catholic military order founded in 1119, some fought in the Crusades. There are a number of Knights Templar sites in Lincolnshire, including the Temple Bruer Preceptory
Tue Dec 3rd Christmas Celebration
Tue Jan 7th 2020 Going on Safari in South Africa (Barbara Meyer)
A return visit from Barbara. In 2020 she will take us on a journey to the Greater Kruger National Park and to other game reserves in South Africa.
Tue Feb 4th 2020 Picture Postcard Railway Rambles (Stephen Gay)
Talk with slide show presentation takes us along the Hope Valley line on a railway journey from Sheffield to Edale, including breathtaking scenery, historical information, and many laughs along the way!
Tue Mar 3rd 2020 AGM
Tue Apr 7th 2020 Life – And the BBC (Alan Stennett)
Alan has worked for the BBC for over fifty years, including thirty-seven with BBC Radio Lincolnshire, of which he was a founder-member. He has also written for newspapers, edited an on-line farming news service, and written seven books.
Tue May 5th 2020 Crystal Power (Robert Wood)
A light-hearted and informative talk/demonstration exploring the history and mysteries surrounding gemstones and crystals including earth science, birthstones and healing crystals – with a free raffle!
Tue Jun 2nd 2020 Masters of Mirth (Mike Storr)
How Music Hall began, an affectionate look at some favourite laughter-makers, and examples of their art including their famous monologues
Tue Jul 7th 2020 The Archaeology of the Lincoln Eastern By-pass (Ruben Lopez)
Mr Lopez was site director for the project and will tell us of the many interesting discoveries which came to light during the excavations for the by-pass.
Tue Aug 4th 2020 The Life and Works of John Betjeman (Horace Liberty)
Horace has previously given us a talk on another subject. This time we will learn more about the life and times of one of our most popular poets.
Tue Sep 1st 2020 ‘A show especially designed for the older audience’ (Jeremy Hillyard)
Jeremy is a professional singer who will entertain us with songs selected from the repertoire of favourite singers, for example Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Billy Fury etc…
Tue Oct 6th 2020 Travels in the Arctic (Alex Hibbert)
Alex holds the record for the longest unsupported Arctic journey In history and will share his experiences with us as he continuesto explore this frozen area of the world.
Tue Nov 3rd 2020 Bransby Horses (Jo Plummer)
Jo is the Community Engagement Assistant for Bransby Horses and will explain the work and aims of this charity

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