About us

Founded in 1985, Lewes u3a has grown into a thriving organisation with presently over 850 members. We are a registered charity, number 297948.

The Third Age Trust – The National u3a organisation

The Third Age Trust is the national representative body for u3as. It provides educational and administrative support to individual u3as and their members including insurance cover for meetings. Members receive copies of Third Age Matters every March, June and October.

The Trust’s National Office is at 156 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8EN; telephone: 020 8466 6139; email: website: www.u3a.org.uk. Some parts of the website require registration. More information may be found at Third Age Trust

Lewes u3a - Purpose

Our purpose is to sustain and develop opportunities for members to pursue interests through stimulating group study, talks, visits and activities. The cost of annual membership, groups and activities will be kept low, and Lewes u3a will encourage all not in full-time employment to join and participate. Organising, contributing to and running Lewes u3a is on a voluntary, unpaid basis.

The Group Activites being run for the Autumn term 2021 can be found on the Groups page along with the Timetable.

How much does it cost?

Select the Membership button for information on cost and how to join.

Monthly Newsletter Bulletin

Lewes u3a is now publishing a monthly newsletter Bulletin which may be accessed through the Link on the right of this page.

Changes for 2021/2022

  • Programme Booklet

This term, the Programme will be printed in booklet form and sent out with the Timetable and New Course Registration Form to members who have no email address. The above documents will also be emailed to all other Lewes U3A members. Members receiving the documents via email might wish to print the booklet and timetable sheet for themselves. In addition, the Programme will be uploaded to the Lewes u3a website.

  • Use of Zoom and Meeting Rooms

For the coming term and beyond, charges now have to be made for Zoom courses in order to meet licencing costs. For changes to course fees see the Membership Page.

  • Term Structure

In January 2022, Lewes u3a will be moving away from three terms to four quarterly sessions. These 4 sessions will run from:

  • January to March,
  • April to June,
  • July to September,
  • October to December

This will allow new courses to run from July to September. Conveners who wish to continue running existing courses to our current termly timetable arrangement can, of course, continue to do so.

SUN Study Days

The Sussex U3A Network (SUN) is a collaboration between the u3as in East and West Sussex, including Brighton & Hove. It organises additional activities, which may be beyond the resources of individual U3As or which are best provided on a collaborative basis, including a programme of very popular study days.

SUN Study Days are regrettably postponed for 2021, replaced with monthly Zoom talks, but it is hoped to resume the Study Days proper in 2022.

SUN Free Zoom Talks Programme: Saturdays at 11am

4thSeptember “Quirky Sussex” with K. Gordon (book after 20th August)
9th October “Sussex Literary Landscapes” with G. Mead (book after 25th September)
20th November “Lewes & Bonfire Night” with A Thomas (book from 5th November)
11th December “Christmas - A Festive History” with A Thomas (book from 27th November).

In order to book to attend these talks, contact SUN Events Bookings stating which U3A you belong to.

For more details of Zoom talks see the Sussex U3A Network site: Sun Events

On the U3A national website SUN Website there is advice, including a video, for new committee members and a list of 1 hour Zoom tutorials for any U3A member to access (2000 have so far). Information on how to access these will be found on the “Our U3As” page via the notices list just above the Zoom lectures

Committee Vacancies

Social Events Secretary
This position is now vacant.
Anyone who is interested in helping to run the Lewes u3a is welcome to contact the Secretary or any Committee member in order to fill vacant posts, or to talk about taking over any Committee positions when they become available. Contact can be made through the Committee page of the website.

Anyone who is interested in helping to run the Lewes u3a is welcome to contact the Secretary or any Committee member to fill vacant posts or to talk about taking over any Committee positions when they become available. Details on contacting Committee Members are on the Committee page.

New Course Provider’s report: Innovative new courses required

Thank you for reading this!

If you have recently retired or have partly retired, Lewes u3a needs your fresh ideas, which can be based either on your work knowledge or your interests. In particular, if you have an unusual interest that you would like to share with others, we would like to hear from you. Our aim is to provide as many courses as possible throughout the year, on any day and at any time, to help give our members new opportunities to learn and enjoy themselves, whilst face to face meetings are not feasible. With imagination, many practical skills can be shared online, for example: crafts, mechanics, learning a musical instrument and cooking.

Not only do we need new ideas for groups, either online or outside (and conforming to current Third Age Trust Advice), but we are looking for new ways of presenting them. Most of our groups use Zoom at present, for which we can offer a Lewes u3a licence, but there are numerous other video conferencing platforms available, which you may be familiar with and may wish to use.

One idea that could be developed for our u3a are online games. Currently we have several successful bridge groups, but there must be great potential for games such as chess, mah-jong and Scrabble.

All you need is the idea and enthusiasm to lead a course and we will provide you with the rest.

Please contact me Course Provision Coordinator and I very much look forward to hearing from you with any new ideas.
Michael Austin.

Data Protection Act

Members’ details are held on computer. Members are required to sign a consent form (on the application form for new members), permitting the u3a to hold the information for use in managing the activities of Lewes U3A. Links to the U3A’s Privacy and Data Protection policies can be found on the Welcome page.

Lewes u3a website
Our website is a rich source of information. It is updated regularly, so why not bookmark www.u3asites.org.uk/lewes and visit us often.