Welcome to the Work of your Committee

The Executive Committee Members for 2022 are listed below. Vacancies do occur on the Committee and information about any, including how to find out more, may be found on the About us page.

Your committee works behind the scenes to ensure your u3a works effectively and in your interests. To help you better understand the work the committee does on your behalf, Committee papers are published on this page. If you have any feed back or questions, please contact a member of the committee using the facility on the Officers section at the bottom of the Contact Page.

The Committee is scheduled to meet monthly.

A description of the various roles may be viewed by selecting an individual role title from the list below (only for those coloured in blue)

Executive committee 2022

Chair - Susan Murray

Vice Chair - Michael Austin

Secretary - Marion Tyler

Treasurer - Hazel O’Hare

Group Facilitator - Michael Austin

Assistant Treasurer - Ann Holmes

Membership Secretary - Janet Kennedy

Minutes Secretary - Margaret Sheppard

Accommodation Officer - Anne Williams

Groups Coordinator - Marion Tyler

Publicity Officer - Jackie Ralph

Programme Editor - Hilary Golden

Other responsibilities

Buddy coordinator - Jill Townsend

Database Administrator - Derek Blayney

Equipment Officer - Nigel Oxley

Health and Safety Adviser - Sue Yates

Public Lecture Organiser - Michael Austin

Social Events Secretary - Vacant

Sussex u3a network (SUN) Representative - Vacant

Video Conferencing Coordinator (Zoom) - Derek Blayney

Web Editor - Tony Wheeler

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