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Mary Greenhalgh writes: Today, Friday 12th Dec I along with 8 others enjoyed a very pleasant session with the indoor bowling group. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month.

We would like to thank the committee who have purchased the equipment needed to facilitate the setting up of the group. Also a great big thank you to Gerry Garvey who is the group leader and has negotiated the purchase of the second hand equipment from the Miners Bowling Club. Gerry works very hard setting up the mats and the other accessories which are required. We the members of the group are extremely grateful for his dedication and support.

Anyone who would like to join the group will be very welcome. Having your own bowls is an advantage but not essential because Gerry will loan out bowls if anyone just wants to give it a try. Of course it goes without saying that come spring we will be on the outside greens - the indoor game is just to give us extra practice in the winter months.


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