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Trip reports

This is a page for trippers to write of their experiences - as children of the 60s that might have all sorts of connotations, but what we're after here is reports and reminiscences of our many and varied days out. The most recent ones appear first, and photos will appear either here in the text or on the separate sub-page ...


On 3 June our U3A trip took us to Salford Quays where we had three great experiences!!
Firstly we visited the Imperial War Museum; a place of great interest for those who hadn’t been before and indeed, for those who had but were very happy to revisit things they had missed in previous visits – we even went up to the viewing tower and that was certainly worth the trip.
This was followed by shopping and lunch in the Lowry Outlet – maybe not as ‘thought provoking’ as the War Museum but enjoyable in very different ways.
Finally, to bring us up to very modern times, we had a tour of Media City. Obviously this is quite new and there was lots of interest here in seeing studios, sets, etc., but the culmination of the whole day was visiting the sofa of Breakfast TV with our very own U3A presenters and our very own weather presenter who was a STAR! - you had to be there to appreciate it.
All in all, another great trip out.

THE NATIONAL ARBORETUM Staffordshire - Anne O'Grady

On Thursday, 21 May, we visited the National Arboretum, though many of us were not sure what to expect.
The Arboretum is set in 150 acres of maturing woodland, located in the heart of the Country and is the UK’s Centre of Remembrance.
It was a lovely sunny day and this made the whole area look at its best.
It is run by the British Legion with no entry fee and there are lots of interesting features. There are many memorials to various groups – not just those who have died in conflict but groups such as the police, fire service, lifeboats, and many more.
We enjoyed exploring the area on the little train with a brilliant commentary but we could also explore on our own, choosing to look at many of the separate memories that seem to provide a sense of peace and tranquillity and were very moving.
It is certainly an uplifting place and we also enjoyed a super café and shop and a royal visit by the Duchess of Gloucester!
All in all it was a great U3A outing and one that may become an annual event.