Leigh Estuary



Our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Leigh Wesley Methodist Church, Elm Road, Leigh, SS9 1SJ.


Meetings will usually start with notices and items of group news, followed by a guest speaker. Refreshments are available afterwards so members can chat to friends or maybe the speaker.

There is no charge for attendance but please bring your Leigh Estuary U3A card to verify your membership

There is a small pay-and-display car park in Elm Road but this does fill quickly. Parking on nearby main shopping streets is limited to two hours.

If you have any suggestions for speakers, please contact our %Speaker Finder% by clicking the link.

Dates for your Diary
Thu Nov 15th Geoffrey Tyack - The Victorian Buildings of London
Geoffrey Tyack grew up in London, where he first developed an interested in the history of architecture by exploring the city’s buildings, and he went on to read history at St John’s College, Oxford, and to gain a PhD from the University of London. He has taught architectural history and the history of urban planning for many years, both in Britain and the United States. He is an emeritus Fellow of Kellogg College in the University of Oxford, a Fellow the Society of Antiquaries and of the Royal Historical Society, and a council member of the London Topographical Society. His books include Sir James Pennethorne and the Making of Victorian London (1992) and John Nash: Architect of the Picturesque (2013). He is editor of the Georgian Group Journal and is currently writing a book on the history of the British urban landscape.
Thu Dec 6th Christmas Meeting
Thu Jan 17th Noel Kelleway - A History of Southend
How much do you know about our local area?
Thu Feb 21st Bob Harding-Jones - Can you help? I'm a Paramedic.
Sharing the lighter side of 26 years on the ambulance front line.
Thu Mar 21st Paul Clancy - The Art of Magic
Paul will be telling us about the history of magic, The Magic Circle and a little about his background, which will then be followed by a cabaret show demonstrating the Art of Magic.
Thu Apr 18th Chris Truran - DABS and DNA detects criminals
Chris joined the Metropolitan Police on 6th March 1975. He trained as a scene of crime officer (SOCO) and worked in Central, North and North West London. During his 38 years he examined over 25,000 crime scenes ranging from shop-lifting to murder. When he started examining crime scenes DNA was in its embryonic stage.
Chris's talk covers the development of fingerprints from the first burglar being
arrested using fingerprints, to the development and use of DNA in 1984. He will also cover the Tsunami, Locherbie, James Hanratty and the Brighton Bombing.
Thu May 16th Peter Jones - How I met Kylie Minogue
'How I met Kylie Minogue' tells the story of what happened after I’d written my 'How To' books, how I came to write my first novel, and how Kylie broke down outside my house and needed to use my telephone – or would have done if there was any justice in this universe.
Thu Jun 20th Kate Cole - The Witches of Elizabethan Essex
Kate’s talk puts the witchcraft trials of Essex into their historical context and,
using specific cases, she explores why Essex tried so many more witches
than any of the other surrounding counties.
Thu Jul 18th Peter Turrell - The History of Marconi
Peter's talk covers the early days of Guglielmo Marconi coming to the UK in the late 1800's and setting up his first wireless factory in Chelmsford. His talk continues right through to the early 2000's and the modern equipment, until Peter retired from the Marconi organisation. During his career Peter was Overseas Director and in his last years Publicity Director for Marconi Communication Systems.
Thu Aug 15th Speaker to be confirmed
Thu Sep 19th Judith Hood - Discovering my gift as a Medium
This is a light-hearted talk looking at the events that led up to Judith finding
her ability as a Medium. Along the way Judith will tell us about some of the weird and wonderful occurrences that came hand in hand with this discovery. It is a look at the paranormal which might even make the most sceptical amongst us stop and think. It is a frank and honest story which reveals how a gift of this nature can have its ups and downs but ultimately can bring joy and always love.
Thu Oct 17th Russell Savory - Wildlife Photographer
Russell is a wildlife cameraman and photographer and will be giving us tips and field craft on how to get close and personal.
Thu Nov 21st Amanda Sutherland - My Creative Journey
An exciting journey through a career in fashion design, film, TV and theatre costume. Amanda created her unique business empire consisting of bridal fascinators, vintage styling and eco accessories. Be amazed by the possibilities of using recycled materials to create stunning works of art.

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