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Defibrillator in Norton House
A defibrillator is installed in Norton House, under the staircase (on the right as you go through the stained-glass door). There are clear instructions on how to use it, with a step-by-step guide inside the box.

Occasional Helpers
Helpers are occasionally required to help put up notices, serve refreshments, put chairs out, help at Showcase and the AGM. Please contact the Chair for more information or to be added to the list.

Deadline for contributions is the penultimate Friday of the month before publication.
Please send all contributions to the Editor.

Benefits for Members
The following discounts are available to u3a members (subject to change; conditions may apply). Please inform a member of the Committee if you are aware of any changes. Please contact the Membership Secretary if you need proof of membership.

  • £15 off ATG Membership – available from any ATG Box Office
  • 10% discount available on lunches only at the Abbey Inn on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • Millets, Leek, 10% off all full-price purchases
  • Frameshop, Hanley, 10% off threads & fabrics, etc.
  • FREE Legal advice for all u3a members on any legal issues (not just u3a-related ones) – Ring: FirstAssist on 01 455 251 500 quoting the name: The Third Age Trust and the code: 70494
  • English Heritage free group entry for educational groups English Heritage Visits (including the u3a)
  • 30% discount from Bloomsbury Publishing on most books on their website (Bloomsbury.com; books below £100 RRP) plus a discount on all events at the Bloomsbury institute using the code U3A30 at checkout.

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