Ledbury & District

Contacts at Ledbury & District u3a

We do like to hear from you so we are offering you a selection of contacts.

You may, if you wish, contact our Chairman or our Business Secretary but for specific queries we suggest you use one of our other contacts.

For membership enquiries or to become a member, please contact our Membership Secretary, who will gladly provide general information and any necessary forms.

If you have a query about your membership details on Beacon contact the the Beacon Administrator.

For financial queries contact the Treasurer.

If you are offering to give a talk or presentation to Ledbury u3a click on Suggestions for Talks.

If you have something you would like to see in the Newsletter contact the Newsletter Editor.

For questions on a specific Group go to the Group Page on this website where there is either a direct contact or in some cases a contact via the Groups Co-Ordinator. Alternatively the latest Newsletter contains the name and phone number of all leaders.

For General Group Enquiries conast the Groups Co-Ordinator

For any other enquiries, please contact Webmaster on her link. Your enquiry will be passed to the appropriate person for attention.

Thank you.

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