Governance & Policies

Under the 'LINKS' column are a number of policy, procedure and related assessment documents, which were adopted by the Trustees in March / May 2020.

Other governance related documents can be accessed here and some are Password Protected - Username & Password will be required for our members only to access their content.

The documents currently Password Protected are:

  • Committee Minutes Jan 2020
  • AGM Minutes Oct 2019 (Draft)

The securest means for conveying Username & Password to members are as follows:

  • Verbal (Face to Face at Monthly Meeting or Telephone).
  • Printed slip of paper (handed over or by post) with Membership Card or Network Newsletter or Monthly Meeting.
  • Email for Username, SMS (Text) for password.

Members who are website browsers should, in the first instance, request the Username & Password through email to the Website Co-ordinator using the CONTACT page on the website.

A Governance video presentation has been produced to assist Trustees in the running of u3as.