Land's End & District


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The Committee is elected annually, at the Annual General Meeting(AGM) when the previous year's Committee resigns en-masse, and consists of between 7 and 13 members. The Committee may appoint not more than 2 co-opted members who have full voting rights at committee meetings.

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that our U3A:

(i) Meets all of its legal obligations;

(ii) Abides by the guiding principles of the U3A movement, as set out by the third Age Trust;

(iii) Abides by the provisions of our constitution;

(iv) Ensures that members pay their annual subscriptions (in order to be eligible to vote at the AGM or Extraordinary General Meetings);

As set out in our constitution, the Committee must hold at least 6 ordinary meetings a year.

Currently, the Committee comprises:

Janet QuintonChairman
Christine BishopVice-Chairman
Sandy AngoveTreasurer
Faith HollidaySecretary
Rosemary BeadleMembership Secretary
Christine BishopSocial Secretary
Joyce LeeMember
John LeslieMember
Anita RoseMember
Alan YeatesMember
Maggie YeatesMember
Lesslie NixonMember