Leicestershire & Rutland

Welcome to Leicestershire & Rutland U3As

This Network is an informal association of the U3As in our two Counties. Two Network meetings are usually held each year and each participating U3A is invited to send two members to represent it on those occasions.

Meetings are an opportunity for peer discussion and the sharing of ideas and experiences as well as to hear reports from the Regional Trustee. Dates of these meetings can be found on the Events page

The Network is a means of:

  • Providing ideas/resources/information for the Network
  • Offering support and encouragement to Network U3As
  • Answering questions from U3As
  • Giving continuity and cohesion to the Network

Potential offerings can include:

  • Workshops geared towards improving the performance of U3As e.g. Committee members, Groups Co-Coordinators and Group Leaders, Treasurers,
  • Providing communication forums for peer groups: giving members of different U3As the opportunity to discuss with their peers and share ideas, experience and materials.
  • In Depth study groups formed from neighbouring U3As
  • Shared Learning projects (SLP) involving a team of U3A members, usually from different U3As, exploring a specific topic for a set time span
  • Study Days which can be run by a single U3A, by a group of U3As or by the Network.
  • New U3A start-up assistance