Leicestershire & Rutland

Welcome to Leicestershire & Rutland u3as

We love the basic premise of the u3a, that it’s run by members for members, that members share their skills and knowledge with other members. Well, the Leicestershire and Rutland Network does exactly that but on a somewhat larger scale!

The network is an association of 19 different u3as across the 2 counties, covering just over 1100 square miles. There are at least 2 network meetings every year, when each u3a is invited to send 2 representatives. Meetings are an ideal opportunity to share what your u3a is doing, to share good practice, and to share lessons learned, all in the best tradition of a u3a! Please click on the Events tab above for the details of the next meeting.

In a nutshell, the network helps to provide support in the form of resources, information, and training. Depending on the needs of our member u3as, we can help to set-up workshops and study days, or we can advise an individual u3a, or a collaborative group, that wants to create their own bespoke training. We also support new u3as as they start-up in their communities.

Janice Strand