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Retention & Recruitment Toolkit

This Toolkit results from the pooling of ideas and experiences from a large number of u3as from all over the UK. It is intended for use by u3a committees, and any working groups, to assist your efforts to retain current members and recruit new ones.

Below you will see a Handout which is essentially a resumé of what’s available in the Toolkit. Read the Handout first and then use as much or as little of the Toolkit material as helps your u3a towards achieving your retention and recruitment objectives.

U3a Retention & Recruitment Toolkit Handout

The Toolkit

1. Retention

2. Developing Your Team

3. Planning

4. Interest Groups

5. Using Social Media

6. Recruiting, Relaunching and Promoting

7. Promotional Materials

8. Welcoming New Members

Presentations at the Network Group Meeting 25th March 2021

PDF files of the presentations at the Network Group Meeting on 25th March 2021 are provided below (just click on the presentation required). If you would like the actual PowerPoint presentation(s) just send an email to: coordinator

Retention & Recruitment Presentation

Beacon Presentation

u3aday Presentation