Lancing & Sompting


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Our membership fee for 2022/23 is at the specially reduced rate of £4.

We will very shortly have an urgent need for a Treasurer. We also have vacancies for volunteers to help with refreshments and publicity, or anything, really - if you have time, we'll find you a job. Contact a committee member via the Contact page.

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Whilst recommending members to take sensible precautions, u3a national advice is that Covid precautions are now a matter of personal preference.

With relaxations in Government guidelines, the onus is on each of us to decide whether to wear face masks, socially distance, etc. In other words we should take responsibility for ourselves, at the same time being aware of the vulnerable. As many of our members could be vulnerable, due especially to age, we would prefer that you continue to take sensible precautions when appropriate, e.g. when moving about in a hall.

Group leaders and others hosting meetings must feel comfortable and safe in their own homes. Therefore, just as you would expect a host to let you know regarding steps, access to toilets, pets etc, so that you can decide whether or not their home is suitable for you, so a host is entitled to expect members to let them know whether they are fully vaccinated. If they have symptoms or illness of any kind, then they should not attend the meeting. This is to protect the host and any vulnerable members of the group.

If members of a group are not willing to share this information, then a meeting may have to be held in a hired room rather than at the host's home.

Members attending Monthly Meetings are asked to bring their own cups if they want tea etc.

See link to YouTube video "u3a Life in Lockdown", to right.