Lancing & Sompting


This page will display news about forthcoming activities in the Lancing and Sompting U3A, and in the surrounding district.


I hope that by now most of you who are eligible will have had a vaccination.
As the Parish Hall is being used as a vaccination centre, it is unlikely that our monthly meetings will be able to resume until after Easter at the earliest. It is also doubtful that any of the other local halls used by U3A groups will be able to allow meetings until Government guidelines are relaxed.

Following our recent survey, one of our members, William Tyler, has kindly offered to give a Zoom talk on Friday, 26th March next at 10.30 a.m. You do not need to download a Zoom licence to join in on your computer, I-pad or I-phone. You merely need access to the internet; so it is not much different from watching You Tube. The talk will last 35 minutes and will be hosted by our Treasurer, Heather Stone, who will send out the invitations to join the talk a week beforehand. The talk is entitled "Light the Beacons! Sussex in the Armada Year, Summer 1588". If you would like to join the talk please email Heather at as soon as possible to secure a place on a first-come first-served basis.
Similarly, Interest Groups can hold their meetings by Zoom provided just one member has a private Zoom licence and acts as host.

In addition, we are able to offer some new groups using Zoom as follows:
History - William Tyler;
19th Century Social History - Sue Maxwell;
Beginners' German - Sue Maxwell;
History of Crime and Punishment from 17th Century through to 20th Century - Judie Dicson.

We have also had suggestions for two new Groups: Life Story and Climate Action/Environmental Group, both of which will need a Leader. If you would like to lead either of these two Groups or participate in the new Groups that have been proposed, please contact Sue Maxwell at and I will put you in touch with the appropriate Group Leader.



The Committee has decided to reduce the fee for those u3a Members who are renewing their membership for 2021/2022 from £12 to £8, and those who primarily belong to another u3a, from £8.50 to £4.50. Please note that new members, will be charged the existing fee of £12 or £8.50.

Although most of our groups are self-financing, there remain substantial costs which have to be paid annually to the u3a Office: Capitation Fee (a sum that has to be paid to the u3a for being a member of the Trust); TAM (magazine) fees, Beacon Fees (electronic system which manages our data base) and CLA (Copyright) Licence; we also have to pay fees to SUN (Sussex u3a Network). The external cost to each member is at least £5. Because of the lock-down we have made savings which has allowed us to reduce the cost for those renewing their membership, but has resulted in a considerable increase in the cost of printing and postage ensuring that we continued to involve those members who do not have access to the internet; this would have to be organised each time that an electronic message was sent.

Please note that Membership Renewal Forms will be sent out in March.


Living History in Unprecedented Times

U3A members are being asked to help craft a shared learning project where they create living history of this extraordinary time.

The project will look for personal thoughts, ideas and reflections on how this feels to you and what you are doing to deal with it. Members may want to keep an electronic diary or to find a little note-book which you can have close at hand to scribble down thoughts as they come.

We are asking people to write up anything they think relevant to having to be at home and your thoughts and reactions. You may wish to write something each day for example, or once a week or simply when something of note happens. You may read an article, book or see a programme which triggers some ideas or thoughts.

We are also looking for ideas and reflections on how you are keeping your interests going if you are online and if you have access on your television, radio or via the internet.

It's also pretty important to think of good things that happen so in the journal make an effort every day to list five things that gave you pleasure however small.

We will be expanding our support of this project in the coming days including suggested questions that you could ask yourself to help structure your thoughts.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to be contact points to offer support and advice.

If you want take part - please keep in touch with us. At the moment share your ideas at but in the next few days we will have a dedicated email address for this living history project. So keep checking the website and national newsletter.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Proposed New Group – Commonwealth War Graves in South East England

A member would like to start up a new group researching the lives of servicemen who served in World War II and whose graves are maintained locally in Cemeteries overseen by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Group Members would each choose an individual serviceman and research both his life and war records and, where possible contact his family and obtain oral histories. The results would be shared with the family, the War Graves Commission, website entries and, if possible, by members giving talks to local schools. There would probably also be some local field trips to the cemeteries.
As the April monthly meetings has had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, if you would like to join this group, please contact the Interest Groups Co-Ordinator via the bluebird system. Once 6 members have shown interest you will be contacted to arrange a meeting to set up the group.


What Group would you like? If there is an activity that you would like to join, but which is not currently available at Lancing and Sompting U3A, please contact the Interest Group Co-ordinator by clicking the bluebird to the right of this page.