Lancaster & Morecambe


We are a member-led learning organisation for people who are no longer in full-time employment creating opportunities to:

• share our ideas, knowledge and enthusiasms in a friendly atmosphere
• learn, laugh and get the most out of life
• develop the fun and passion we have for whatever interests us
• meet up with old friends and make new ones
• be part of a community with local knowledge and opportunities in common
• find the inspiration for new ideas, hobbies and experiences
Every interest group is managed by its members and meetings are very relaxed
You can join as many groups as you wish and we positively encourage new groups which we will help you set up
Take a look at the range of groups on offer; we have over 1,300 members, around 100 interest groups covering a wide range of subjects, and a lively programme of social events – there are many ways to get involved
We all live in a beautiful part of the country, full of history – and full of people with lively minds
Everyone is welcome and we look forward to meeting you
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